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I took a 98 chevy 2500 with a 5.0 blew motor took a 97 chevy 5.7 installed it. Installed 97 computer will run with misfires. Installed a 98 computer with a 5.7 installed will not run. Just for the neck of it tried the 5.0 computer also won't run it

5.7 from 97 chevy ran with no issues before installing
when driving down the road my1994 chevy 4x4 5.7 hiccups the tack and oil and amp gage goes down put in new coil and stator in dis.its like it loses elt power THanks Frank
I'm rebuilding a motor. 5.7 1996 chevy. It did not have anything behind cam sprocket when I took the motor out. Do I need a thrust plate or something behind the sprocket or does the lifters keep the cam from coming out?
If I stop and shut the car off for 10 or 20 mins then It runs fine for a bit until it begins again any ideas on what it is
I have. Both trucks the 95 I wrecked the 91 that I have dose not have a dash or door panels
will a 2006 rear end 3.73 fit a 1997 with 3.73 gears
1997 Chevy Silverado 1500 2 wheel-drive Automatic-
Was coming from bringing my wife from work,while driving the rear tires began to act as though I was running over speed bumps with only my rear tires. So I coasted it home, at about 20 mph or less, when home the engine had gotten above average temperature wise. So far I have changed the rear end gear oil, and yet the truck still seems to drive like the E-Brake is on after it warms up a bit. We've the brakes they seem to be fine, at this moment I just seem to be at a loss....Also when the truck is put into gear it doesnt do the normal roll for whatever gear its in like it once did.Should I replace the whole rear end, or Ive seen where it could be the bearings...Any advice would be greatly appreciated
91 Chevy 1500 2wd with 4 in lift with 15 in wheels the front tire rub on the brake now on can I fix this
My rear bumper is rusted. Anyone know are the newer models interchangeable?
show a diagram where it's located on engine
i have had this problem for a while, when i brake my 1991 chevy c1500 Cheyenne pulls to the right, and when i drive after a few lights it starts to pulls left and over heats the hub to wear the brakes smoke. i replaced the wheel bearings 3 times on the drivers side, still does it, i replaced the master cylinder, brake pads, and calipers on both sides. it still does it. i wanna try replacing the hub, and yes my alignment has been done and rides true, i have completely rebuilt the front end including upper and lower ball joints, tie rods, steering ring knuckle and idler arms. i am at my wits end with buying brake parts every week, i have no idea what to do next. any one know what the heck is broken?
Have changed modglar and fuse. It will start but the fuel pump will not come on.
It pulled the yoke out of transmission but now the slip yoke wont slide back in. What would cause that. Truck will move in fourwheel drive.
Power door lock buttons not working but the remote fob will unlock them? bought this truck new in 1997 but cannot figure this out. help please.....

What seems to make the problem better or worse? fuel pump want run it is new
How long have you had this problem? truck sat 4 2 yrs
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