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I know it's the electronic knock sensor, but it's all rusted and can't get it out also there's no wire? And don't know where to connect it to (the wire) when I get one, can you help me out? Also where is the esc module? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
it began to die on me while driving got it home and would not start again. not fuel pump running so replaced it fuel filter fule regulator, ecm and now it will start but will not run. fuel pump does run now.
When idling the truck starts fluctuating and when it is in reverse it shuts off most of the time
1999c1500 5.7 v8 vortex 2wd extended cab. Has good gas perrsure, new fuel filter, new fuel pump. I can accelerate up to 3500 rpms in park, but when I but it in drive it dies out and the check gages light comes on. If you know something about the problem don’t be afraid to answer
A/C worked when I bought it about 9 years ago. I put freon twice. Once two years ago and second time this Friday. I hear the motor spining every 5 seconds. That were the belt goes around it.
Rpm to fast for gear that its in.
Just want to know if it's a simple swap.
Just curious as too which vacuum line too use for the transmission what about the tps? The trans is out of a 87-91 Suburban 4x4 my truck is a 94 single cab K1500... the trans has the 9 inch shaft -th 350
Recently my ac on my 97 Chevrolet c1500 4.3 the ac tends to blow out the feet vents instead of the face vents where it is set at. I replace the blend door actuator because I noticed it wouldn't stay in the same spot after setting it to blow on the face only but yet still have no luck. I don't hear the "normal" tapping from the ac vents from when the doors fail so I'm not to sure why it's still blowing through the face and floor vents when I only want it to blow to the face. What else should I check or do I need to just take apart the whole ac setup in the cab to figure it out
will 275/55r20 117t fit on 1997 k1500 chevy silverado
I would to swap it out to a 1980 chevy 350 which I already have in stock trans and engine complete. will the computer still work since the 1980 engine doesnt need it. how much problem might I run into getting everything to work right again.
It has only done this once and someone released a valve or something under the hood
Replaced the radiator, replaced and used a 180 thermostat instead of 195, and water pump. Whenever I drive either highway or back road the temp goes past the running temp(210) and gets to about 240ish and sometimes more. The a/c doesn’t work but the heat slightly does and gets warm just doesn’t blow out very hard, what could cause this??? And the clutch fan is running properly. Please help
happens at random time, will do it at start-up, or as the vehicle is running
I need the firewall bulkhead pin out for my chevy k1500
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