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It turns over fine but desiels when letting off the ignition key. when i wait a day or 2 untill the humidity drops or if i run a nibco heater under the engine for a couple of hours it will finally start
Took it to transmission place they change accumalator and soidnoid an fluid and filter. But they also could not get code . Could my ECM has gone bad. Also change throttle position sensor. still shifing hard. 1993 Chevy Siverado 70,000 Miles.
So I replaced the ignition switch which everywhere I’ve researched has said to do but it did not fix any of the problems idk what to do now cause all the symptoms point to ignition switch
I replace the fuel pump, gas cap, evap canister vent solenoid, evap purge solenoid valve, evap canister, fuel tank pressure sensor, fuel tank gasket. mechanic perform smoke test & other test has been checked. The check engine still comes on when driven.
Truck won't start now
My truck is loosing all the engine coolant, but I can't find any external leaks. I have to fill the radiator and the coolant container everyday. the service engine soon come on, and i put the scanner, and P0125 code shows on. what the problem could be, where the engine coolant goes, there is a bubbling noise coming from the small heater inside my truck by the passenger side, but I checked inside, and it is totally dry.
Noise when weight shift side to side. Removed tire and when shifting the drum back and forth the noise is duplicated.
Ive got gas I've charged battery starter fluid won't start new starter

I had a coolant leak in the rear part of the engine and it turned out to be a lower intake manifold gasket. I replaced the gasket and then the cast aluminum quick disconnect for the heater hose broke. I replaced the lower intake manifold and in the process messed up the timing. I attempted starting and the bad timing caused one of the bolts holding the starter on break causing the starter to be out of place. I replaced the bolts and got the starter set correctly and set the timing correctly by finding TDC. Now the issue is not getting enough power to the spark plugs. The coil pack isn't putting out enough power so I tried a new coil and nothing changed. I thought it was maybe the wiring except it's got new wires going to the coil. Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is a Chevy k1500 z71 5.7L V8 Vortec. I checked the freeze plugs and they were not damaged any.
I am trying to get my heater working. I have a list of possible problems/ solutions that I'm working through. I just replaced the heater core and was moving on to the heater control valve but can't find it.
My truck's temp will mot get to operating temp stays around 100 maybe a little higher had no issues until now and is it ok to drive like this my truck is a 97 chevy 1500 with a 4.3 v6
My 1994 Chevy 1500 has a digital control unit for my heater and A/C. The temp control uses arrows to show where the temp is set. All of these arrows flash at the same time and I am unable to change the temp settings. I changed out the unit with a new one figuring it had gone bad. The same thing happens with the new one. Can you give me any ideas of what might fix this problem?
how much will cost me to get the reverse replace in a 1998 Chevy 1500 4×4 truck?
changed the switch twice worked as soon as i put in then quit, put in a second switch worked great put it in gear in reverse several times worked good went to put in garage quit working agin
O ring missing from around top of fuel pump. If this truck has a pressurized fuel system,why then would it still run?
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