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Caliper hanging up after being replaced twice. When it's hot out it seems to be worse. Don't knpw what else to try

The indicator light changes between D and 3.

Send me a diagram of the system so i will know what to change

Could it be the traction control is on? How to take it off?

replaced engine with slightly used rebuilt motor from a junk yard.they told me it ran when they got it. so iput it in my truck .useing my distrubitor coil pack tbi carb. i've checked timing gets fuel and spark.only back fires i've retimed it several times yesterday 4/23 /17 i sprayed starter fuild in the carb went to start it and it backed fired but it blew my valvue covers off

Can't get anyone who has a reader for this obd1. Car speedometer not reading and car doesn't seem to shift but moves and just increases rpm without shifting.

Truck runs fine just no acceleration and reduce engine power coming on

all the time.

When I'm driving it strains to get speed and jerk hard with a hard thump sound

Codes were erased so I can't retrieve them and light won't come back on.just got a ticket from chp on way to work.smog tech tells me to it needs to be driven more.but it's been 3 months

I have a 1990 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 heavy half ton with a 3.4l v6 and a granny 4 speed transmission. I want to drop a 70's 350 in it. The transmission and everything else bolts up except I need different motor mounts. Is there a conversion motor mount I can buy or is this something that needs to be fabricated

Truck will start but then dies security light stays on?

Truck will start but then it'll die shortly after start and security light will stay on.

at first it seemed to be the switch inside car, it would sometimes work, so I replaced switch, didn't help, not have no fog lights, replaced fuse, still nothing. is their more than one fuse on fog lights?

I am a human being not a computer robot trying to get info the tools needed to change a flat of a 1995 Chevy beretta

Check fuse they look good . Is it a ground problem? What else could I check

My 2002 suburban runs fine. all of the sudden im stopped at a light and the rpms drop low. I tried to press the gas pedal to rev the rpm's and keep it from stalling and no response to gas at all. I smelled gas. I could not move the truck. I turned it off for two light cycles and tried to restart it. Started fine and drove perfectly for a few miles. Waited at a long light and problem happened suddenly again. Thought it wouldn't start after i turned it off this time but after a few minutes it started and i made it home. Any ideas?

Ive changed cam and crank sensors ck engine llight stays on even after I reset it comes back on ???

Were is the fuse box located

The stabilitravk light keeps coming on and i keep hearing a loud grating noise on the front right side. The van is also pulling to the right

want to clean the mass air flow sensor where is it located

broke while in lock position. i dont have a door key for vehicle if i have a door key made by a locksmith will i be able to unlock door with key evan if actuator is still broken

changed brake light switch, and all bulbs, still blows the fuse when brakes are applied. I have had it in the shop 3 times and still blows the brake like fuse

Periodically, the car won't start and I have a new battery and rebuilt starter. One click over on the ignition and the letters on the gear shift come on. Second click and the lights and radio comes on. IF the check engine light comes on, the car starts. IF the check engine light doesn't come on, it won't start. Help!

Because it's not on at night driving.

Already replaced ECT. wnen engine is cold & starts for 1st time, fan is off, when it reaches operating temperature it turns on, but never shuts off after that.

The car stalled on highway trans shift to lower gear, motor stopped, turns over but will not start

sometimes steers fine sometimes wanders suspect steering rack leaking interanally

I got my truck on oct. 1991 the gauges don't work when lights are turn but not all the time about six months ago I took it to the chevy dealer it cost $180.00 and they didn't no fix it.. Some of the dash lights don't work but that's ok I can live with that.
I need help to find out how to fix them!

Everything works as it should