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I checked all the fuses battery connection everything is the way it should be fuses are fine no door locks no window power no lights no nothing

I have changed speed sensor

When I turned off car, fan continues to run, I'm assuming to cool vehicle down

I want to replace the donut with a regular size spare but don't know if it will fit on rim or in trunk.

Just did head gasket and cleaned absolutely everything spotless. Now car runs crappy and bogs out when the heater motor is turned off. Yes off. And throws a cam sensor code. What would cause this? Bad pcm??

When outside temperature goes up a/c cuts off. Will come back on if I turn fan to a higher setting

I have a 2007 Chevy HHR, the air intake hose has a rip in it, will that mess with my traction control? The light keeps coming on and when I push on the gas the car kicks a little. It happens all the time.

Does a vapor canister have anything to do with an a/c cutting off while it's running happens when it's really hot outside

When I turn the wheels to the right it makes a sound but not all the time

a/c woks fine on highway not at idle

When you put gas in the carborter it starts or it almost when i do it to my truck nothing could it not have any spart

It turn off then i tryed to start it and nothing not even when i put gas in the caborter nothing how can i fix it

horn stopped blowing

while air is on i get cold air on driver side and warm air on passenger side

It's getting fire and fuel but when I go to crank it it just whoops like crazy and dumps a lot of gas.

a\c went out was working fine ealier then a few hours later nothing i check the number 10 fuse for heating and ventalatlateding air conditioner that was fine could it be a blower motor restor or a blower motor relay can the on board computer diagoise that??

it started when i was stuck on ice and snow in my driveway and the front right wheel lost traction on ice...

Driving on streets or Hiway when I turn A/C on car acts like it is shutting off. I turn A/C back off and it sputters and kicks back in.

Why is my windshield wipers stuck up when I turn them off

My 2006 Chevy Aveo the top of the roof the clear coat has almost pealed all the way off. Now my paint is coming off. I think Chevy should be liable in fixing my car.

camshaft or lifters

I have fixed alot of things ppl keep telling. Me thats whats worng with. It and it still doung the same thing after i pay to fix what im benign told

Once it is started it runs fine. It did not act funny driving but when I turn it off it wont start.

Besides the error code , when pumping gas the pump keeps shutting off, so you have to squeeze very gently to fill the tank.

Gears on Chevy cobalt 2007 are not changing gears properly. From 1st to 2nd takes longer to kick into gear. And same for 3rd gear to 4th gear. Please advice me. As a single female parent with kids.

Like I said before I recently replaced my fuel filter and pump and my truck still wont start. I am getting a spark but it doesn't appear there is any fuel getting to the engine. No idea whats wrong at this point. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Also my truck is a 5.3 flex fuel but that wasn't an option on the drop down.

flywheel cracked

Both brake lights are new. Neither come on when brakes are applied.

will run for about 10-15 minutes then die try to start nothing. Lights radio works then after a few seconds will start and run a few seconds or a minutes then dies again. over and over

Transmission acts like it is starting in 2nd gear