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Doesn't shake when in neutral
Sounds like its grinding in the back of truck. Going fast on highway is worse sounds like no break pad in back of truck
My car has been saying this for months that it's running on lean. I just want to know how to fix this and if I can do it myself or do I have to go to a mechanic.
I took a 98 chevy 2500 with a 5.0 blew motor took a 97 chevy 5.7 installed it. Installed 97 computer will run with misfires. Installed a 98 computer with a 5.7 installed will not run. Just for the neck of it tried the 5.0 computer also won't run it

5.7 from 97 chevy ran with no issues before installing
On the way to work my Traverse started to hesitate and the engine started to sputter after getting on the express way. looking at the dash board warnings started flashing on the screen. traction control is off, then traction control is on, no oil pressure stop engine, then check engine light came on, then the screen went back to normal, then the low air pressure light came on and then the change oil light came on. as i pulled over to the side of the road the engine stopped, and the lights dimmed. once the vehicle stopped, I put the car in park, and tried to start the engine and it would not turn over, and the lights dimmed. After getting the car home I changed the battery, and then tried to restart the car, and it would not turn over. all it would do is hum and the lights would dim.
I have been having major issues with this car for the past 2 years. Car would run for a few days then it would not crank or do anything for a couple days also.Lights,radio and windows work but would not crank.Had the Chevy dealer look at it. Said it was a bad (CBM). Had it replaced, car ran good for a week then sat in driveway for 2 weeks no crank again. Took it back to dealership,said the battery was bad. Replaced that also. Ran good for a few months. Now check engine light is on,airbag light is on,headlight bulbs keep blowing,trunk release button stopped working,Cd player does not work anymore and lack of power going up hills. Had the starter tested passed that test. Have had two different techs look at it and both do not have a clue, one said it could be the (ECM) the other gave up in frustration. Please Help.
Happened a couple of weeks ago as I was traveling north on I-95. I accelerated rapidly to pass another vehicle and the oil pressure tanked. After passing and leveling out the speed, the oil pressure came back up to normal. Oil level is right on the money and changed about 1200 miles ago, along with a new filter. No noisey lifters or bearings. No leaks, just serious temporary oil pressure drop.
My truck smells like mice piss n farm grass when heat is on.
I have a 2009 Chevy HHR That when sits over night it cranks fine but real hard to get started cold. Then pops on a DTC PO172 after you get started ran for a bit. Cleaned the injectors. New plugs. After you get it stsrted it starts fine the rest of the day.
What mobile {ASE} mechanic knows how to replace {2} engine variable timing
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Added some winter windshield washer antifreeze. Neither front nor back worked before. Now the front ones only work but not back. Even put some gas line antifreeze in the container. The back washer motor even sounds louder.
Specifically the one behind the serpentine belt and can I replace it without the $500 mechanic time? Can I put some JB weld in there if it's rusted through? Or some other fix?
I'm very curious exactly where it is. Because it's quite hard to see
Light came on driving to work. no noises or warning. A/C compressor is not turning on now either. The car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt
All fluid levels are good.
Runs sluggish when starting at first but if I stop and go in reverse it runs fine. Yesterday on the interstate I had to floor it to get it going to 50mph. First time it did that in all gears. Seems to worse when it's warmed up or hot.
As I was driving my 95 Chevy g20 conversion van it stopped shifting gears. I can move the gear shift but it’s not switching gears. What could be the problem?
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