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Vehicle is in 'limp home mode' and we cant figure out what is causing it. Now the gauges have all quit working if the pcm underhood fuse is in, but with fuse out , they work..cannot figure this one out
the engine oil was low how can i clear the fault codes
My 2009 Cadillac SRX came with a icon for Satellite radio. I never wanted it then but now my wife and I are going to travel cross country and would like it. But now I can not locate the icon. Serious XM says my car has it and they have sent the signal. But with the icon missing I have no way to activate the signal.
I have the navigation icon, radio am & fm icons but can’t find the Satellite one. Anyone have any help?
I change the Timing chain for Preventive issues ,,now when it idle it make a very bad noise like knoking and rattle ,and tthe PSI at idle is 4 to 5 ??
We've checked relays, fuses, everything we can think of, but cannot trace whTs making it stay in limp home mode?
Tried to add freon, went into red area. Swapped relay with the one next to it. Nothing
which side of the engine you set up the timing on passenger or the driver's side thats what i need help with this is a 1977 caddilac seville remember old school car
Just had car professionally cleaned. The third seat worked before that. Now I get a chime from one button and nothing with the other button
Could it be a bad battery that is causing our cooling fans to come on and stay, because it sat for abt 2 months and now problems..
We can't figure out what's making the fans stay on to drain the battery. The relays have been checked, the wiring is clean, no fuses out, and it's not showing hot at all. Please help?
What do I need to do to get my cruise control and on star to work with my after market radio. I did not keep my old radio which looped this all together
Cadillac XLR 2009 and aftermarket radio is a pioneer radio
Random times my truck won't start. If I jiggle the key or take the key out and put it back in then the truck will start, but not all of the time. When this happens, and the truck finally starts, the key is between "start" and "auxiliary" or when I hold the key at start for 5 seconds or so. When the key is at aux all items work: air, radio, dash, etc...but when I turn the key all the way forward to "start" everything goes black. The dealer's computer cannot find anything and the expert cannot duplicate what happened to me.
This last time 2 or more months went by before the non-start happened.
We have a new battery and alternator.
It will crank but won't start sounds like it's hesitating I believe firing order is incorrect 1997 Cadillac Seville STS Northstar Engine V8 firing order and possibly need to know timing order position of camshaft as in Seoul
06 sts 4 driving down the road check engine light and a bunch of other lights came on then the car died and won't start it has no power at all no lights come on or anything any ideas to help cause I'm lost
High coolant temp and not the same quick pace acceleration
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