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It cost to fix and where can I get it fix besides Massey
Initially with torrential with any wind driven rain. Initially thought caused by a small piece of deteriorating weather stripping on rear lift gate, but water is now infiltrating vehicle on both rear driver's side as well as passenger side. I don't want to trade it, but need an immediate fix!
Could it be a fuse? The front vents work very well. Their are no controls in the back to turn on/off or adjust.
2008 srx Cadillac. 85k miles. Have a rattle in the speedometer dash area. Any ideas how to fix or what it is. sounds like metal on metal.
After replacing the batteries, each FOB, in turn, will stop working. In one it's every 2-3 weeks, in the other, 3 to 5 weeks. I have replaced about 4 different batteries, so I don't think it's the batteries. Dealership wants me to come in and spend $150 just to look at the problem....maybe something with the electrical system (I do not receive a low battery warning on my console)
Engine light is on and i checked it and is crankshaft sensor. Would this have anything to do with the AWD not working
The 2016 SRX is very hard to turn when going slow. I have to use two hands, where my 2012 SRX and XT% loaner cars I can turn the wheel with two fingers. It makes it difficult to park or turn and is not fun at all. I am told this is a "known problem" but yet no solutions!
It does not make a noise at all when you hit the button.
How can i find out the cost ?
My rear-view camera (shown in rear-view mirror) has become blurry. I've cleaned the camera lens, but no improvement. Is the camera difficult to replace?
Not sure why a 2011 Cadillac would lose sound like this. All sounds inside the car have been lost.
The wheels wanna kick out
Most of the time the screen is black, purchased my SRX used.
Just wondering which is better for this type of car?
Looks like the problem has been going on for a while but I just noticed it. I got my tires serviced around New Years of this year and they didn't mention anything to me about a problem with my rear tires. I'm concerned my car may not be safe to drive.
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