Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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No brake lights.. But all lights are working
And not running
came and went at first now permanent. Wipers also stop in up position when turned off
Had sunroof replaced because the factory one had died. When got car back homelink and the lights in the console stoped workong . And when I spoke to the people that installed it, they told me that the lights didn't work when I brought it in. Used homelink to shut garage the day I dropped the car off. If it is a power ground problem I can rewire if I now the fastest way to know if no power is the problem
And the windshield wiper speed modal still works. Any other questions please feel free to email
I had a bad TCC solenoid and successfully replaced it with the help of some youtube videos and my neighbor. The bolts are back in the trans and I was wondering if anyone knew the torque specs and sequence for bolting up the side cover of the trans.
it ran well before the problem happened
I had my hubs rotors bearing tires balance cv axle job done and there is a wire hanging down left unplugged and I would like to know where it plugs into
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