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Car runs great mechanically but the back half of my inside lights don't work including the dome lights and sunroof Car also shifts smoothly into reverse but no lights except for the brake and running lights

I have a 97 cadillac seville sts that will not start.. let me first say what I did .. 2 years ago I had to replace the alt and battery.. which I did about 4 months later (I had company vehicle so I didn't need it). then the car wouldn't start.. I took off what was what I thought was another fuel filter but turns out it was a fuel pressure regulator but no gas was coming out so I took off the connector to the fuel filter but it also shows no signs of gas being pumped. So then I replaced a fuel pump relay and a/c relay and when turning on the car the relays do click over.. so I then proceeded to take out tank to test the fuel pump and replace the fuel filter. I took pump out of the tank and submerged it in a bucket and pump worked.. but I noticed a fray wire on the harness but was close to the connector.. so first question is am I doing anything wrong? And second , which wires should I be testing to test power to pump? Pictures do help thanks

I have some air flow out the small vent that exits the back of the console but it never gets warm. It doesn't appear that the front fan is running at all. Any ideas to help me would be appreciated.


Car won't always start with key but will with remote start button (aftermarket I believe). Engine will die when brake pedal touched unless I set the alarm (also aftermarket) open the door to activate alarm and push reset button on remote. Door lock sometimes open while driving and the alarm will go off while driving. I would deactivate the aftermarket alarm but I don't know how it is attached to the car's system.

I was charged $733 total. $105 diagnostic, $169.99 for the mount and the rest in Labor. They did not itemize the labor hours and cost. Was that total high or average? They also lost a front wheel lug nut cover and scuffed the front bumper and will not pay.

When the car sits for a little there is a puddle of antifreeze under the car.

Ser Eng liteon code P0404 ERG sensor position open or shorted. Where is the EGR VALVE and sensor located?

I have my car disassembledglovebox and side panels located at least 2 accuator mtrs and adjusting climate controls the motors don't move. I have located both fuse boxes no fuses blown reset computers by removing pos terminal on fuse boxes reset driver RKS. my question is what is the sequence of operation?

My Grandson just purchased this vehicle and the only way he can turn off the headlights is by pulling the fuse.

When I did all of those things I get code P0440

over heats.when my radiator blew the car would not over heat.whats wrong with the car?

I removed my starter but my neighbor tells me when replacing a starter I need new municipal intake gasket can't I just use my old one

Both, the Battery and alternator have been tested professionally and both have been proven "good". What are we missing? Ideas as to what we should check next would be so helpful.

is their a fan switch on this vehicle? ??

My 2003 Seville STS, VIN 9, needs new transmission. Can I replace it with one from 2003 SLS or DeVille? Will one from cars model year 200-2002 work? If not, can I swap transmission AND computer wit SLS model? I don't care about loosing some performance, I just need to repair it for less.

I changed the trans fluid pressure switch but still have the same problem.

The car is actually a 1991 Cadillac Allante, where is the Controller for the ABS system located and how hard is it to replace?

New plugs, wires & added Lucas gas treatment/injector cleaner/octane booster. Checked Air filter/OK.
I've ran out of possible remedies !!! HELP !


keeps cranking. has brand new fuel pump and brand new battery.think maybe the relay fuse to fuel pump could be bad? Do i need new cables to battery? I cleaned off all corrosion. Or is there a step by step process i should do it in?

The rest of the trunk is wet also. We ran water over tail lights etc. No water leaks. The gaskets look good. Can water leak in through the vents on the side/inside the trunk?? Any suggestions???