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Do you have to replace all of them if just one is bad?
checked horns with power and they are good but will not beep from stearing wheel what to do now
my buddys 2003 seville sts has a pwower steering whine, we changed the pump rack and lines, but the whine is still there. reason we changed them is that the car sat for a couple years and he wants all new parts. i have been a tech for 15 year and this is the first time i have come across this, i thought maybe bad rack or pump so changed them again. i just cant see getting two bad racks or pumps. is there something i am missing here. please help
Fan runs on high, but just a trickle of air from dash vents
with AC and fan on high. Refrigerant charge is full, just very low airflow. I am a commercial AC mech. but never tackled a cad.
car wont start after 10 minute sitting after drive it just cranks
will start if u start immediately after turning of but after about 10 minutes just turns ...if u turn for a while it will start? any ideas? will start cold everytime
I went through a bridge with water & it got washed into the stream & now car wont start & I have replaced the battery just makes a clicking sounds . what do I do next to find the solution ?
reset security system sts cadillac
How do I reset the security system for a 1994 cadillac sts
I've changed the coils and replaced the ignition module and it runs extremely rough at stops
car was in accident air bags deployed fuel pump fuse good relay good no power to fuse terminal all other terminals good
The air feels warm on the drivers side of the defroster and cool toward the passenger side of the defroster. No air comes out of the vents. The fan speeds work fine.
it happens 3 or 4 times then stops for a week or two and starts again
Had no prior trouble with trainsmission
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