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My gas gauge is spinning I cant tell how much gas is in the tank.

What now changed cam sensor getting fuel out of line that has a cable stem in it only sometimes when turning the key on anyone have a suggestion

What could cause this only does it when cold

I can usually turn them on for about 15 minutes and then they kick off and won't turn on again. And my trac on/off button doesn't do anything to help, or anything at all really.

I cannot tell when I need gas

I can't tell accurately when I need gas

The car has no hot air at all I have codes bo419 and bo423 which actuator is this and where is it located thanks

my remote doesnt have the back to it, so i think thats why it isnt working. I even bought a new battery. and the alarm will go off if I dont unlock the driver side door first with the key. and now sometimes the car wont start at all. I went to get a new starter but when i came back to put it in the car I tried to start the car again and it started. So it will not start sometimes and when it doesnt start it stays saying security on the display panel. I went to the dealer to try to get a back or another remote, but they said that they discontinued that remote. Now Im stuck at the library looking up info on the alarm system and what can i do to get home

It is right above the engine cover plate in fron of the drivers front wheel. It is black container with a filter and a cooloing hose runs close to it. There were two filters but the hard plastic had desinagrated, so the shape is unknown.

car info was entered.The car is a 2004 Seville SLS.

After replacing the radiator i find a coolant on the backside of the motor between transmission and motor unable to find source. are there freeze plugs or a hose in the back side of the motor.oil check fine it only overheats when coolant is low

The car has 133,000 km on it and I checked the codes and there are none. The car idles fine when started but after driving a bit it develops a rough idle at stop signs or in park. After driving on the highway for a while the rough idle is much more pronounced when stopped (in gear or in park) and fluctuates up and down several hundred RPM. As soon as I am driving again there is no RPM fluctuation or misses that I notice. It runs fine underway but not at stop to the extent that it seems like it might totally stall...although it has not to this point.
Is anyone able to provide any insight about what the problem might be?


when I started a day later with the ac service light on the anti brake and traction control also came on

I have had the battery checked and fully charged and it clicks when trying to start

After checking all hoses and checked for possible leaks, then changed out the thermostat and replaced water pump, the temp gauge will still move towards red zone. What or where should I look next?

Very little rust on whole car except where rear subframe mounts attach. Car is in good shape, but don't know if it's worth the fix based on age of the car.

What harm does does it do to not replace a faulty "fuel level sensor" on this car? In my first question I failed to specify which sensor I was referring to. At any rate all else applies insofar as to the approximate 80 K miles being driven since the fuel gauge has worked, and the "check gas cap issue only began within the last couple of weeks, after discovering and repairing some vacuum leaks and broken wires. Gas cap replaced changed nothing. I do not live in a EPA required County. So, I repeat, "what harm does it do to my car to continue driving it with the non functioning fuel level sensor"?

I keep up with when gas is needed by mileage and with the readout in the on board computer that shows "gallons of fuel used". My biggest irritation is the "CHECK GAS CAP" that keeps popping on and the "CHECK ENGINE SOON" that returns on a consistent basis. There is no E-check law in my county, and I have not discovered any ill-effects to my car after approximately 80,000 miles in this condition. Although the "CHECK GAS CAP" signal has only begun recently after discovery and repair of about 4 vacuum leaks and 3 broken wires.