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4. i need it pass smog whats needed
5. basically I need a full check to see whats need for all repairs and price.
and how much would it be for diagnostic .
Just purchased this vehicle and need it to be back riding . thank you have a excellent day. thank you. Michael
there is a white plastic thing with a hose conected broke from speed still runs thinking maybe air conditioner part ??
Where termastat is compressor location in same area
It overheated today but this time there is coolant under vehicle. It seems to have come from underneath where the coolant gets poured into. It shows that there is coolant in the reservoir. Could I have blown something? What does it sound like to you? Thank you
I need every detail
need alarm off everytime. I open door it goes off for about 3 minutes then it stops help please
Every time I try and start my car I have to try and crank it repeatedly before it finally starts. New battery. Car also kinda cuts off while driving. It sometimes seems like I took my foot off the gas pedal then kicks right back in or on in some cases. Just bought car didn't do on test drive not sure what the problem is.
Code po741
then it will start up again
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