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I was getting a "battery no charge" warning so I took it the the shop and they said I had a loose wire in the alternator and it had to be replaced. On the way home it seemed like I couldn't shift out of 3rd gear. Is it just me or could a new alt. cause tranny issues??

when I run on the air conditioning, one side blows hot (passernger) the other side cold (drivers) what's wrong and how do I fix it?

when the air conditioning is on the drivers side blows cold air and the passenger side hot what do I need to do to fix this problem?

where is the temp sensor located, and what tools do i need

just bought car, 19 point inspection done same day levels OK. Drove car 30 miles home and turned off would not turn over again. Towed to mechanic that states there was no coolant in resiviour bubbled paint looks like overheat and cannot be manually cranked. Is engine gone?

what type of transmission is in this particular vehicle?

I recently had my rack and pinion system replaced ($1400). A week later I developed problems with my steering and notice the power steering fluid was leaking, I took it back to the mechanic and he said my R & R power steering hose needed replacing and that would be another $100. I asked wasn't that all part of the work I had done with the rack and pinion, he said no. Is that true?


what is the proper spark plug gap for the 1999 seville sls? also were is the fuel pump located, possible replacement need if the engine is difficult to start, correct?:

location of computer that control function of the instrument panel. dash blank for weeks sometimes months and fan blower come on and cannot be controled. there is no reset option.

my car often idle up and down when in park also when in park with AC on

i want to know why my fans will not spin very fast to keep the engine cool, it will only spin in low speed.

Approximately how much does it cost to replace the Torque Converter and also front wheel Bearings

just replaced brakes on 02 seville, how do you reset light

Just replaced brake sensors front and rear on 02 seville, but light still stays on!

My service engine light came on, and I had it checked because my car had a vibration it came back with a P0410 error code which says secondary Air Injection system fault. Has anyone had this fixed. And how much did it run.

i just changed the oil in my car and let it run for a while. then after i reset my oil percent meter.i got a check engine light come on and service emission system message. what is this and how do i get it removed? s/n i just bought the car and it had been sitting for almost a year......... can you help me?

It just clicks when we turn the starter.

Air conditioning and other electrical systems possibly not working.


When starting my engine the service suspension warning comes on. I changed shocks over to the passive kind with no electrical conections. What can I do to shut off this warning? Thanks, Luke

what would a reasonalbe price be for replacement of a starter.

Check Coolant light comes on after i have been driving around for a short period basically when the system has adequatly been pressured. Then a steady stream of coolant is seen under the car and it doesn't seem to be any of the hoses

How do I find the thermostat on my 2000 seville and replace it.

we can't get the waterpump out.We got the special tool to remove it and it won't budge.we used air rachet and it still won't budge.Please help!

air conditioning compessor clutch not engageing

The engine surges intermittingly,where is the fulefilter located

Want to change the water pump belt, 96 SLS. Didn't know it had one. Where is it?

My 1996 seville sls is overheating, could it just be the heating core,or need a radiator flush

How do you get them to work properly again they are stuck closed.