Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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The display says ----service steering system- and the chime rings
How do i clean the filter to unblock air? In a 96 cadillac seville sls.
Ac comes on, but does not blow out only in front. Rear works fine.
New thermostat new water pump not sure of my issue but temp just increases past 235 with fans running then I turn it off to prevent further damage because once it went up over 250 and I was forced to shut down the engine a lil bit of oil leak but not enough to even worry about any ideas
Does the whole dash have to come out to change heater core 97 Seville
I have a 2000 Cadillac Seville and the speedometer is not showing the right speed. It shows it going faster than I actually am going.
My climate control panel has no read out or functions working
There is a removable chip inside small cover is that all I need to put in the other PCM?
My car will suddenly shut off,dash lights will shut off and fuel pump will shut off as well then when i attempt to restart nothing happens for either a short or a long period of time then it suddenly will come back on but sometimes shuts back off immediatly
How many Cadillac converters are on my 2002 SLS Cadillac
Part number for hubcap centers for my 2000 SLS caddy?
Also how do you pour transmission fluid in and where is the hole to pot it?
My AC blower motor went out. I replaced for a new one but still it won't work. I replace the resister still nothing. My compressor is good I checked all the fuses are all good so I need help to what I'm doing wrong or some assistance so I could get this right. As voltage so I'm confused why it's not working.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Air conditioning blower motor just won't work
How long have you had this problem? A month
Daytime running lights do not switch over to regular headlights at night. But instrument panel light come on when car is started at night, then go off after a few it the daytime running light sensor and if so...what is the part number...
car is not overheating,just no heat inside the car.
a/c comp. is cycling on/off and fans are cycling on/off but blower motor isn't working?
is there a fuse for the blower motor only?
where is it located?
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