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The mechanic diagnosed the problem as a faulty or clogged exhaust valve on the air compressor module and is wanting to replace it. Said it was around $500. Is there any other place to find one that would be cheaper or a way to actually 'clean' the valve?

while on a battey charger, car will start if starting fluid is sprayed in the air breather, so assuming its the fuel pump, why did the battery die

in cold weather noise is more noticeable

It idle low all the time especially when I turn the heat or ac on

vehicle has 113,000 miles. I started smelling gas after filling the tank. it would go away after about 30 miles. Fueled it yesterday, 20 gallons, and at the pump i had a puddle after the pump stopped at the fuel station. Got home nd it continued to leak after killing the engine. it leaked about 2 cups of fuel and stopped. fuel guage also jumps around after starting. Any help would be amazing. thanks.

it still seems to ride good but I dont hear the compressor or whatever that is that makes the noise when it levels out. What is the fix for this

I'm not sure how to get my backup lights to go off??

just happened, no codes, and clock went out to.

It stalls like it ran out of gas, has more than half a tank. CHECK GAGES light doesnt come on anymore for low fuel. Again, fuel filter & pump have been replaced, STILL shutting of randomly.

I was placing a cd in what I thought was an open slot but i think the cd slid in on top of another one.

while driving down the road they just stopped working, also the daytime running light indicator light stopped working.

I rented wrenches from Autozone and cranked on nut in the vehicle then removed waterpump completely and cranked on it out of vehicle and it will not come loose. cant replace water pump til i get fan assembly off is there any tricks or tips to get this off?


We have read manual but no troubleshooting is available.

Check tire pressure light comes out and can not but it out tire pressure ok pluss car break pad ok the remote control not responding.

what should it cost to replace the rear differential on my 2003 Escalade?

I was driving out of town when the escalade shut down. it was towed to an auto repair shop in the closest town. They put in a new fuel pump and I continued on my trip and everything seems to be working ok. My question is..should any kind of fuel meter have been put in also or am I ok with just a new fuel pump?

When it is cold, the car continues to crank a second later after you let off the key. It sounds like it starts but stalls out soon as you let off the key.



ive tried coolant and water

Freon has been added and there seems to be colder air blowing in the back of the vehicle.

I also added a new K&R Intake system. I get Engine Light Codes PO101- Mass/Volume Air Flow Circ, Range/Perf and Code PPO171 and PO174, SYS too Lean (Bank 1) and (Bank 2). The engine light only comes on when towing. Otherwise nothing. All help is really appreciated.

im not useing oil or coolant and have no lights on so what could be the problem and I changed plugs,wires cap ,rotor ,air filter ,

for about 4 weeks - the radio, windows, and wipers are not working
items worked most of the time, now they rarely work
If I try and put the windows down - sometimes they work, other times the radio goes off and the windown doesnt work, when I press the window button, other times no response.
ON a 50 mile drive yesterday I left the radio on, and it may have played for a total of 10 minutes - in short 50 second blasts. then this morning I get in the care and wipers and radio work for about 2 miles

my ac/heater dont blow even after turning the fan all the way up only when i take off the air or heat start to blow some one told me to replace the ac heater module controle should that work and if so where is it located

where is my nuetral saftey switch

Rear deferential replacement Rear Axle Replacement High end shocks on all four?

when i accelerate my oil meter needle moves.. is this normal?

brake light on top of lift gate doesn't work. do yo uhave to replace that entire light bar. i think it is a led.

low oil pressure