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Heat system makes heat, blower motor appears to be brand new. However, blower fan will not do anything, no matter what I set it to. Wasn't sure which part to replace to fix this problem. Took out blower motor resistor thinking it was that, but it appears to be just fine. Someone had previously installed an amp in it and did a poor wiring job, old amp wires and plugs still inside dash cavity. Some wires coming from heater selector board are testing as "dead" (purple and black on left side, and a blue and black near the middle) but the other wires in each cluster are testing good. Please help...

Changed the alternator checked battery replaced starter sensor has a full tank of gas but still won't start it turns over

Noise increases the faster i drive.

Washer fluid tank

Coincidentally (?) with change to cold weather Heat Blower quit. Have lots of heat, just no blow. Then this morning it worked, but wouldn't shut off with key. Do I need new Blower, or Control Processor or ? Any help would be appreciated!

This all started about 3 weeks ago after my mechanic replaced all rusted brake lines. The brakes where bled at each wheeel.
At the end of the job I tried to back out the truck from the garage the rears seemed locked. The mechanic thought that I mistakenly hit the emergency brake but I didn't. He take off the rear wheels released the brake shoes and all seemed ok. Now it seems that I'll get entermediate locking when the trucks sits or even when I am appealing the brake for a stop.

as the weather gets colder when i have the heat on, the vehicle can be 75 degrees inside but whenever i make a turn it feels as though I have my windows open and the outside air just somes shooting through. did it all last winter. no fun

Car will turn on. But I cannot turn steering wheel left or right. It appears to be stuck. Brakes go all the way down to floor

5 minutes once I park and turn off ignition!

I have a family member that owns a body shop and suggested the next time I go (to my mechanic) for an oil change to have them flush the transmission fluid. I am currently not having any problems and have read that flushing the transmission can actually cause the car problems by dislodging dirt that then gets stuck in the wrong places. The SUV has 80K miles. Should I get one?

This is a 2012 Escalade just cake from a customer who leased it and only has 28000 miles on it. No service light is on but I've had it for 2 weeks and when I accelerate it hesitates and sometimes chuggs. And when it's slows down it sometimes it's having a hard time slowing down. What is going on?

No additional questions except how much will this cost me. Thanks you in advance.

I've had this problem about 4 years ago,I turned the vehicle off and started it back up just fine... I've tried it this time & the rpm still won't change

have had ignition module replaced. Nothing happens.
won't even jumpstart.

I don't know how to troubleshoot but I do know how to check a fuse

The battery is not dead try to jump start will not. it is intermittent.had it checked at a shop. altinater battery starter all ok? any suggestions?

Experiencing the right side of the side mirror with ERRATIC problem with the mirror OF not folding or opening. The driver side mirror folds and open without the problem on the right side.

I was driving and dash light said engine shutting down..the escalade started running really rough..loud and was shaking I went home and had it towed to shop..they said the engine is blown..this all happened in a matter of you think they are right or have any suggestions for I need second opinion...6,000.00 for used engine they said!!!

Also I only have two gears out of the transmission truck has 136000 miles on it