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all signs are pointing towards the converter a local muffler shops want to chop it off
It will be completely dead, but jumps right off. It is very random, we don't notice any common denominator. We just bought the best battery we could find and replaced that. Problem went away for at least a month, now it's back.
There is absolutely no locks, no remote, no lights. Jumps off right away. Lasts several days. No warnings. Battery tested, appears fine.
this incident does not show continuously...when it happens it shakes the passengers and they feel it.
it feels like back firing while it is still running.
i have 124,000 miles on my 2009 escalade hybrid...already brought it in the shop twice whiile under warranty because it was jerky at low speeds or on freeway stopped and then starting going from electric to gasoline engine and they couldn't find a problem
aim mohammed from amman jordan ihave cadillac escalaed hybrid 2009 imported last month from US i whant to know abut the engine and transmisson oil the tabe and how match
best regards
Back hatch stopped opening and closing remotely. The button on the bottom of the hatch door doesn't operate it either. I can open and close it by pushing on the Handel.
could they swap?
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