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2007 cadillac escalade ext 6.2 L .It starts fine but when I go to shut it off it still runs without the key in the ignition.I pulled number 12 fuse to shut it down and replace the the fuse only to have the check engine light stay lit.And it draws my battery down.I also replaced the the key and tumbler.It worked well for 2 months and now it's doing it again.Any would be appreciated.Thanks Michael.
Just had the rear breaks done and the left axel replaced/ oil change
Does this have anything to do with it?
2004 Cadillac Escalade esv
i know i need to replace it because that's what code came back and its misfiring.
I've replace the blend door actuator and I replace the switches in the dash the heater just kicks on whenever it wants and then it's not on that long and it cuts right back off
No power to my front driver's side door. No windows, mirrors, seat heaters, can't adjust my foot pedals. Help please!
Shut off, Windows, doors, all locked even key remote will not work
Before I replaced the master cylinder I heard a humm noise off and on, the week before I replaced the master cylinder my service system stability light came on, after that it went off now it's on again and comes and goes occasionally with a humm noise? Do u know what it could be
Car was running died wont start no fuel pressure I replaced the fuel pump and fuel relay switch still nothing
In my 07 escalade ext, the passenger seat will recline back. But when you try to move it forward, nothing happen. I can hear the switch being made, but still no movement. Can anyone assist me with this problem. Thanks in advance
I got the differential fix and rear-t-case and front and back u-joint and front brakes and rotor done and they still can't what's wrong please help.thanks
no matter what temp is set driver's side blows hot. passenger vents work properly
by removing 2nd connector from left problem goes away and lcd becomes normal after about 20 minutes problem returns
Security light never goes off, even without power. Battery light flashes constantly, gas gauge doesn't work, driverside seat won't controls won't work, system info light constantly flashes. Any ideas?? 2002 Escalade EXT
Entire cluster is dead.
should I do now, change the water pump?
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