Cadillac Escalade EXT Questions

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should I do now, change the water pump?

Passenger side

The tranny fluid was flushed recently

The problem seems to happen whether the heater is on auto mode or not.

Condensation build up in the left head light assembly and continue to blow ballast. Left side of vehicle.

When trying to set new destination, system assumes it is starting in Virginia, when I live in Florida! I have set the "HOME" location, but system thinks car is in Virginia! HELP!!!

My tire pressure monitor light came on, also, and stays on. Tire pressure is fine. Is the cold weather affecting sensors ? Just had fuel pump in tank replaced . During warm weather tire light goes out. I do not have a block heater (Calif. truck), now in Minnesota (4 yrs.). Truck has 207,000+ miles. First time I've been stranded as I bought it new .

Sound quits when I let off the gas... Sounds like a bearing type noise...

I can be driving down the road and notice my ac stops blowing cold air. At the same time my turn signals still will work, but the associated clicking noise will stop. If I pull over and turn the vehicle off and then restart it, the ac and blinker noise will go back to working. What is in common here?

5.3 awd 2005

Just had transmissions done also

(1) What are the main features on the above models?
(2) What models should I stay away from and why?

This is on my escalade EXT 2008

No power

Tracking no power

while trying to start engine, it would turn over and almost fired. then next starter engagement there was a very loud bang on passenger side of engine. would not turn over again. got a breaker bar on the crank nut and can not rotate either direction.

All of my air rides are in need of being replaced due to well its a 2003 so it's apparently that time. I am just trying to find the right ones to buy on the internet. Needs some direction please.

It has happened when I get out. As well as directly after starting, while driving. Begins with one honk, then increases to multiple times.

The dash temp. gauge never changes. It stays the same all the time if the key is on or off. eng. is cold or hot. Can this be fixed ? or can I just change the temp. gauge ? Or do I have to change the hold dash cluster?

I checked the brake fuses light bulbs, and everything is ok. The turn signals and tail lamps all work.

door. I need to know how to remove the panel to see if it is loose or broken. What tools are recommended.

Heater air hot then gets cold and won't go back to warm heat