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when I try to put gas in tank it just comes back out and shots pump off
While driving it drives very bumpy like up and down when hitting a small rough road or small bump
would like cost on what it will be to replace
My truck has failed Maryland State emissions, twice.
Radio screen read service radio. Then next day radio stopped working. Only back up worked
It just read service radio soon. Then after a day, it went blank and radio does not work at all. Only back up screen works.
Service light came on an its burning a lot of fuel
Check engine light on obd reading codes is 0332
Battery died and was jump by cadillac road side assistance and now dvd icon dosent reapond
If I use the air circulation button. Is it completely 100% shout down to provent air from entering. Thank you
To immediately correct this I have to turn off the vehicle and restart. Once I do this something resets and vents blow cold air, as expected.
No matter I push, I cannot select a language so the DIS just continues to show the language choices.
Throttle body is clean. Had catalytic converter changed 2 years ago. THis usually happens in hot weather and idling in traffic, or in hot weather when I stop accelerating. Not hard starting. Take 2-4 times to start.
passenger side will switch to hot and will not switch back or blow cold, until the motor is shut off and restarted.
Why is the climate control panel blinking and blowing air low to high
I used to have a Lincoln Continental and I damaged my air suspension by not turning it off before changing my rear brakes. Do I need to do this on my car or does it even has a switch?
They go all the way to the floor.
Ok So I was stupid and get mad and punched the steering wheel and the brakes went out. I know it's just a sensor but I don't know where they are or how to fix the issue. Help please!
i have a 2007 cadillac escalade, its been having problems starting. It would start and stay on for 10 minute and then shut down. When I would attempt to restart it would act ask if the starter is going bad. After a few tries the car starts and then stability trak warning comes on with reduced power. I would have to move the car about 100 feet shut the car off for 30-40 seconds restart and then it would run normal until the car was shut off and sat for more than half an hour. I changed throttle body, throttle pedal, throttle position connector, crank shaft sensor, starter and ignition starter switch.

one other weird thing the relays click like crazy after the car shuts off, the ones under the hood and also in the fuse box. Since I changed the starter the car has gotten worst it doesn't stay on.

please help
Air conditioner set on 60 with the lowest fan setting (blowing on face) While driving the fan blew at high all by itself, yet the control panel shows it still on the lowest setting. If I TURN OFF the Air conditioner it still blows but on the FOOT setting. When car it TURNED OFF the air conditioner still runs and WILL NOT shut off. I have to disconnect the battery to get it to go off. Once I turn the ignition on again the air starts up in the OFF mode in the foot setting.
What is going on?
do the gages have anything to do with the alternator or do I have more issues
What items need to be removed at the dash panel to gain access to the heater core
Stability light is on
Started with passenger headlight went out went and bought replacement still did not work tried new bulb on driver side worked bout car back together woke up next day driver side did not work and passenger side worked checked fuses all good ordered ballast and replaced those need help
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