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the check engine light is on among other things.The battery not charging light comes on and go back out,but comes on again.I took it to Firestone,they couldn't find anything.The alternator is working fine,the battery is working fine but light comes on and off.The check engine coolant light comes on but all of the fluids are full and I have the oil and everything changed at 3000 miles.Could this be the BCM unit going out? I have read some thing off internet that states it could be the BCM in car.Can someone please help me with this question??????
it has a new distributor-coil-good fuel pressure-no engine codes-used the second key-been in 2 shops-new module-cam shaft sensor-still no fire.
NORTHSTAR 4.6L 230,000 mi. approx.
One day it will be running fine and the next it will be surging, have a rough idle, and will die. We have replaced the rotor, cap, module, spark plug wires, coil, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump, and oxygen sensor. I cannot get the computer to read. Somebody has suggested that it may be the computer or the timing chain.

-Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I wait a couple of minutes, start the car and put it in drive and it will start off slowing and finally the gears seem to mesh and it goes. Is this the torque converter clutch acting up? I had a rebuilt transmission installed last August. It shouldn't be doing this as much as I paid.
Then it stalls out car stays on but i have to pull over turn it off let it sit for a min then turn it back on and go but it only lets me do this so much then it wont start unlese it sits for a while .wat can be the problem ? I did just buy it and did a test at auto zone only thing that came back was transmission sesnser and services engine soon light is on
But when I unplug the compressor it defrost abd the heat still blow
Just trying to check the transmission fluid level.
my drivers side seat will not move
It's mounted on the aluminum structure on top of the transmission mounted to the transmission tunnel.
when I've rode 2 months ago pulls to the right and eats up tires bad what would be a good thing to replaceI know damage was done when I went off road
Banks 1 & 2 too lean
I may have shorted the system pumping gas out.with old pump,went will start spraying gas in carb. but will not fuel past injesters.Thank you Bob
Sometimes i start car, starts ok next time totally dead dont even turn over is the air compressor compresset draining battery? Can this b removed or unhooked
can i check the code without using a tool to bring out the code? and how do i reset the light
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