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brand new battery also when battery hooked up lights come on but no key in ignition or light switch on
my power stearing pump was accting up parked the car for a month then drove it and started makeing real bad nocking sound now the car wont stay running barley starts plz tell me a could be something besides a rod
I have had most of the issues that people have posted here. Buick LeSabre was voted the most maintenance free but thought I would like to try a Cadillac Deville 2003. In the last 2 years I have spent well over 6000.00 in repairs. What a nightmare! I was informed about a Cadillac transmission recall but that it was discontinued because the replacement transmissions had the same issues causing Cadillac to lose too much money. I had a recent soft rebuild but still have issues with bumping into gear with a howling sound. What's more when I had my engine oil changed today I was informed that I had a transmission leak. How should I approach this issue to the people who recently did the rebuild?
Has not worked since car was purchased used with less than 50 K miles.
Changed Converter last year and told needs to be replaced again. Not sure about that, cleaned gas cap and check engine light went off for about 100 miles and then came back on. Please help quickly before my husband runs out and gets another converter. It can't possible need to a new one every year.
I just bought the car and i want to make sure its in great driving condition.
when turn off ignition gas pedal goes to floor then up really fast for at lease twenty times or more, by itself while driving car will speed up and will not idle down when I bring the car to a stop still races then just as fast as it idles up down it goes and back up ,back and forth
have had to reset to pass emission, but comes back on after about 50 miles. drives great no other issues. Only 78,000 miles. What can we do to fix it permanently, without paying thru the nose. Check engine light stays on does not go off.
Both 1990 DeVilles I've had don't/didn't deliver good cabin heat amounts . I live in northern Vermont and really need it in the winter. The cabin does eventually get warmish, but not toasty in very cold weather. The 'heated' air entering through the floor duct often seems only slightly warm at best even when I have it cranked to 90 degrees. . You'd think that a vehicle that is often owned by older people would have good heating as a major feature. Any perspectives on this problem? Thanks.
where is cylinder 6 front or back? i replaced all spark plugs and rear coil still running sluggish reading say cylinder 6 still misfiring
where is cylinder 6?
We have taken our 99 Cadillac DeVille to a mechanic at least 4 times and had it repaired twice. The first time the belt slipped off the power steering assembly. We bought a new belt and he replaced it.Then he found the cause for the problem was a leak in the power steering pressure hose and fixed that. Both of these problems cost me in total $200. Now I have found the leak is underneath the power steering pump. We know this has to the leak that's been there all along. Any idea where the leak may be coming from.
Every bump you run over in my Cadillac you can feel in my rear because my air rides are leaking. I dont want to replace them,I want to put the factory parts back in. The only problem is I dont know if I'm replacing the shocks or the struts or both?
No blower motor blowing air through vents or heater or a/c.
Bought the module for 1998 Caddy, and it didn't work either. checked all fuses they were good. This is my only issue with my Caddy.
the check engine light is on among other things.The battery not charging light comes on and go back out,but comes on again.I took it to Firestone,they couldn't find anything.The alternator is working fine,the battery is working fine but light comes on and off.The check engine coolant light comes on but all of the fluids are full and I have the oil and everything changed at 3000 miles.Could this be the BCM unit going out? I have read some thing off internet that states it could be the BCM in car.Can someone please help me with this question??????
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