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cold air passenger side,hot drivers side. which blend door motor controls this, and how to tell if it is or not can be technical
It stalls out in town after sitting at a couple lights. And even on the highway if there's a traffic jam. Any time it does stopping and going it will stall out after a few minutes and I have to Waite at least an hour to recrank it. The coolant temp jumps up to 220 before it starts stalling. I had the idle air cntrl replaced. Now I'm being told it could be the tps...I would like to know if that is what it is before replacing it.
engine is off,light switch is in off position and auto control is in off position but from time to time parking and head lights will come on,
i have problem with my 2001 devile my front subframe is broken i havent find a replacement , what other year will fit ?
I took off an after market lube pump and now I need to know where all the cooler line went originally
I had a leak check done and hose check and cannot find a leak. Someone told me this engine and age of rc burns it up.
My front end keeps hitting when I pull out of the driveway or making a turn and hitting a bump at the same time it seems to be hitting
Where is the lower valve to add freon on a 1999 cadillac deville
Fixed that too. The darn car still runs like as if it's gonna die and also climbs a hill like I'll never make it. I need to know what can be causing my car to run like this after addressing these issues that occurred.
How can I get help?
My dash warning lights are reflecting Low Oil Pressure & STOP ENGINE. The oil has been checked each time this occurs and have also had a small auto shop use a plug in diagnoses device that reflected that I had a "malfunctioned sensor" issue and was told to replace the sensor. Any ideas of approx. cost to replace this sensor?
There is a strong smell of the engine inside the vehicle.
Because the Mechanic said you cannot change the heads, that you have to replace the whole engine. Is this true?
Engine runs fine press gas pedal and car loses speed under a load (uphill) on level surface can do the speed limit.
all the time just happened...
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