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I had to run the motor UP via battery power once I release trunk latch it doesnt come up to grab it again its down NOW but Im not opening the trunk leads me to think the SWITCH has gone funky....BUT where can I purchase ONLY the switch???
Thought it was the alternator first replaced that and also replaced battery. Found out it was the fuse for the air condition. after I replaced the fuse it was only 10 minutes before it went out again. afraid the alternator will go again . Can you help me with an answer?
There's a bad rattling sound coming from the tensioner so I just need some advice about how to get the belt off and remove the tensioner. Thank you
My big boo -boo......backing up.....tore off housing but niether housing or the mirror broken and still able to move mirror with control from knob in driver's side panel...Can it just be glued back in place? Have,, ugh taped it back on, hate it... what to do? Help!!!
The temp, control on passenger side indicate it is working fine it still blows hot no matter what you put it on.
the blower is functioning but not enough air comes from the vents.
My blower blows randomly and I have Freon how can I check my relays
Replacing fuse did not help. Tried to add refrigerant and it says it's maxed.
All door locks act the same
sounds like ball joint not sure dont no what it is
the top hose hardened up
I had car checked for codes and was told that the injector circuits were stuck open .. I had the ECM replaced and it solved the problem briefly ..... But the smoking reoccured ... I have replaced the heads/gasket , water pump, radiator , thermostat , coil packs , spark plugs , gas tank , injectors and ECM unit .. It ran good for about 3 weeks now the problem has returned .... Could it be the heads are gone again
I turn on my headlights and the driver side front signal light doesn't work. Also the turn signal stays on in my mirror, doesn't blink just stays on. How do I fix this?
Car won't start.
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