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sometimes bad sometimes not
The blower works fine and we have found no leaks, the heater also works fine. Is there maybe a sensor?
I have the obdI code reader, but, don't know where to see the code!
Where will the code show up?
It has a heavy duty commercial chassis.
I wanna no what can i put to make it faster or more horse power
all three light Come on when I start the car and stay on tell I shut the car off
Will it show up in the instrument cluster?
both back windows will not work from the back door switch. but both rear windows will
work from the drivers side front
I have a parasitic drain on the battery. Takes about two days to kill it.I have narrowed it down to the comfort and pulldown fuses in the rear compartment. I believe it is related to the 10A comfort fuse circuit. When the car is switched off and I open the door the radio stays on. If I shut the radio off the clock stays on. I suspect a bad relay board in the trunk. Not sure it I'm on the right track or how to proceed.
Clicking then grinding when trying to fill with freon. What could it be? SSI is low to no income. Help its hot out there.
I have a nice Cadillac 2000 Seville, recently the gas tank door has been opening on its own & now it clicks all the time(coming from that area) thinking it's probably a sensor but have no idea how to fix it, just wondering if anyone knows or has ever had this problem, before I have to put her in the shop?
What supercharger can i put on my 1992 cadillac deville an what one do i purchase it has 4.9 v8 i no a bigger cam will produce but i wont superchare and dont no which one to buy
how is the PCM involved in my a/c?
i replaced the water pump,thermostat
This has happened twice lately...I insert the key and go to start the car , all the idiot lights come on but the car doesn't start. There is no starting sound or any clicks like a bad battery or something. A few more tries or waiting a while and she starts as good as new. I had this problem on my other '90 DeVille and it was something in the ignition wiring harness, which got replaced. A friend told me it could simply be a rod in the column that moves when the key is turned that hits a contact on the ignition circuit board in the column. This sounds possible. Is there an easy adjustment to end this problem, like simply opening up the column and bending out a tab or something to insure the contact?
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