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2000 deville base.

Stalls and stutter when warm have an E30 code do I need to clean the throttle with throttle cleaner

it was the first pupup on the page

99 Cadillac deville fuel gauge reads incorrectly how do i fix this problem?

car will start but I have to keep my foot on the gas or it will cut off and is running at 350 rpm

code P0741
torque converter clutch solenoid
circuit performance
or stuck off

will not pass emission comes on at 70 miles after reset

shift tranny back into park blows fuses for turn signals

What is wrong when the service power steering light comes on?

Compressor is leaking. Has been updated to newer freon.think mechanic is pulling a swift one

And it literally drinking the gas I put 5 gals in it and just pressing the gas peddle a little it runs out of gas in no time flat ..plz HELP

for a 2003 DHS Cadillac

I need to find out what types of sensors I need for this 1992 Cadillac Deville. My engine light is on mechanic says I need 3 sensors for it

Had a rear end accident but it appears to be minimal damage. Now there is fluid leaking on both sides of the rear end. Doesn't smell or look like oil, , transmission fluid or gas. I checked oil and trans and brake fluid all good. But low on power steering fluid.

Why won't the car stay running. ?

I try to use my wipers I turn them on they only move a little bit but I hear the motor

This message stays on constantly while driving and temporarily goes off at increased acceleration and will come back on when letting off the acceleration. For the most part, it stays on. I read of a recall in 2001(NHTSA campaign # 00V217000 & Action #: EA00004). Could this be the real issue?

i have two cadillacs one sls one deville WILL ME SLS MOTOR FIT IN MY DIVILLE

After driving for 1 week in snow I noticed a noise when I pulled out of the garage, wld driving in the snow have anything to do with the noise?

This is all I know about the vehicle. Thanks

I bought car today and windows radio trunk and gas door stop working

My lights came on automatically when I started the car now they dont

Key stuck in ignition

Got into car to start and the message came on " Remove Key" and "starting disabled." no other messages,

Around how many miles does in need to have to start experiencing proplems. What are the major an more common things?

Can a Cadillac dealership repair?

What is an estimate of cost?

it acts like its going to die and goes down to 200rpms I checked oil and all the fluids

the panel is on the passenger side of trunk slightly

Where is the temperature coolant sensor located on a 2000 Cadillac DeVille North Star?

the car cuts off at red lights. what should I do?

First it started having trouble shifting now something is wrong with the transmission . I was wondering if a plugged filter could result in the problematic of the shifting ? Or should I just have it taken in ?