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I took the door panel off to try and fix the window and that is when I noticed the window wiggles forward and backward. I found 2 small brackets with nuts on them laying in the bottom of the door. I guess a past repair person forgot to re-install them or they are parts that were replaced before and left in the door instead of throwing them away. The brackets with rubber pads that hold the window in place are not loose but that entire assembly will rock back and forth on the part that lifts the window. The window and assembly will fall a little when I wiggle it back and forth. I know it should stay in place instead of rocking back and forth. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Just need location. Thanks
Had blower replace, several months ago,jumped car can hear blower on with control switched off,still will not crank,issue was driving and it cut off,never been able to crank.Replaced battery,no response,replaced switch and key no response, reprogrammed no response,replaced all fuses and relays, nothing.
2003 Cadillac Deville

B0429 - Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance
C0625 - Left Rear Position Sensor Malfunction
C1241 - Variable Effort Steering Circuit Malfunction
P1416 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Bank 2

Which of these should I be most worried about? What should I get fixed first?
clicking noise from middle of dashboard - is related to A/C door actuator
the air was blowing cold on one side and hot on the other but now its not blowing from vents but I can hear the blower motor blowing
Outside temp goes blank and then the inside temp goes blank with default to defroster with nothing working. After 5-7 minutes of being on whether engine running or not everything starts working fine. Is there a relay/sensor involved in this process? If so, where is it as it must be hanging up? I changed out the outside ambient air sensor but I still have this problem.

10/12 No response yet. Doesn't anyone have a clue as to what is the problem? I am 77 living on SS so would appreciate some knowledge/help from someone.
When I try to start my Cadillac DeVille it will turn over but won't start unless I use starter fluid, my power Accessories don't work as well as my keyless entry
When you turn on to start it it wil turn over continually sound simalur to when it is out of gas but after a few minutes it will turn on . It does it every time you shut it off and go to start it again. It is every time you turn it on. Also my center cluster is black , not working, no speedometer
I bought the car 50 days ago and it runs fine just the avg mpg goes up and down and it's dropping I was wondering what that means and what I can do to fix
I thought maybe an electrical issue
and still does not work. What is causing this? Please help.
After it's tells me to remove key it says wait 3 minutes then it tells me to start car when I try it goes through the whole process again
never know when this is going to happen, sometimes it starts other times it won't do anything. does the same when displaying ac options, sometimes it won't work and then it will.. Have checked out battery, starter and ground on engine . all ok
inter lights, door lock don't work trunk release don't work
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