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hit a pot hole and the next day it said service battery system battery not charging

my brakes seem to be fine no noise stop fine, i am told i need new front disc pads and rotors,,,how do i know i do need them and their not trying to make a sale???

I just went out to go to the store and the lights were on and the info center displayed service stability system i drove the car not but 4 hours earlier and every thing was fine. Would this be a body control module issue?

Where is the outside temperature sensor located on a 2005 cadillac dtd

the throttle is sticking after warm-up (3000 rpm) or 55 mph in top gear. I lubed the exposed throttle shaft with wd-40 but no difference. I can shift to neutral at stop lights, but at 2000-3000 rpm it is quite a jolt to engage transmission to resume my journey. Any recall you are aware of?

location fuel filter for 2001 cadillac deville

My uncle told me to add more water to the car but I have no clue where the cap is. Someone told me it should be by the radiator, but where is that?! Please help!!!

Can I install the O2 sensor myself

A repairman diagnosed the 2001 Deville DTS with 41,000 miles. He says the power steering leak is in top pressure and return hoses and the power steering pump. Estimate is $780. I find it odd that all 3 need to be replaced at the same time. I would not be surprised if it had been the hoses OR the pump but both seems strange. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

I dont have a code but everytime I go to get gas the car is full it freaks me out becasue the needle stays on empty even after I full up at the pump

vib. at 60mph+ .have tied new tires, new rims, balance, alignment. local cad. dealer no help.he can't find obvious reason, but question mechanics training and has 150,000 miles-has been maintained with care.

to clear the diagnostic codes ,can I remove the powertrain control module bat fuse to turn light off. The codes are reading 171 and 174,also eng coolant light coming on ,but not low and no coolant loss.

I have replaced the front rotors and pads, wheel bearings are tight, bushings all tight, but at 40 mph i touch the brake pedal and the car shakes violenty. Please help

Replaced front rotors. Pads in great condition. The right front brake has a clicking sound when applied. Removed wheel and caliper again for check. All seems in great condition. Any thoughts?

sounds like a pump or somthing but i get a loud humming noise in my trunk when starting

the check light stays on. Had diagnostic test at GM garage, it coded PO 171 and PO 172; meaning leaking head gaskets and leaking intake manifold. Car never has overheated and have added very little antifreeze. Two other tests run and they both coded PO 171 and PO 174.Noticeable surge with small miss at idle speed.Have 94,000 miles,would like to keep. Any help would be appreciated.

secondary air injection system,estimate repair cost? 2001 deville dts.

thanks much

My caddy is misfiring, idling funny when stopped what could be the problem? Coils, plugs? I also think the valve cover is leaking a little

Just switched from michellin tires to vogue tyres both same size 235/55/17.But the tire on the driver side is rubbing on the shock.Recently replaced lower control arm could the alignment be a cause of that problem?

how do you remove the driver side rear door panel

Onboard Diagnostic Codes IRC U1016, and SDM B0029, how do I troubleshoot and repair thses issues

where can I find diagrahm for removing and cleaning an EGR valve on my 2001 cad. dts? Will this help the o2 sensor to function properly?

my car says service anti theft system how can i fix it

had diagnostic test run from GM garage;results were code 170/171,intake leaks and head gasket.A second opinion gave different results-oxygen sensors.Service engine light stays on,what to do? Engine has never overheated,and no anti freeze loss. Does have small pulsing noticeable on rpm hand;also poor gas mileage.

when do i change?

had diagnostic test runwith these code results: PO171,PO172 intake leak,intake leak;head gaskets blown.My question-can problem be resolved without major expense. Service manager recommended exchange motor or trade it.I love my car,give me a better senario! Car is getting terrible gas mileage(15.4)engine pulsing somewhat;has not overheated.Give this ol boy some good news(70& retired)

I recently had to repalce the Power Steering Hose because of a very heavy fluid leak. Now recently I am noticing that I am leaking the same pink/red oily fluid near the front end of the vehicle. What does this sound like to you?

when engine is started water shoots up it comes from the transmission and engine on top side

The low beams are not working but the high beams are changed the fuses and they still don't work

I need to know what would cause a loud whining noise in my cadillac deville. It starts the minute you start the car and it gets worse when you accelerate. We have replaced the power stearing pump and that didn't help.