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What's the normal price to get my front end aligned on my CTS-V Coupe
When exiting the vehicle and turning the ignition to the off position the car stays in accessory mode and the radio and internal lights will not turn off. The door must be opened and closed sometimes several times before everything will shut off
I purchase a 2016 Cadillac V sport 2016 3.5 engine size and the engine runs roof and has a miss. the car only has 27,000 miles on it. I've take it back to the dealership and they cant seem to find anything wrong with it.
I have a 2016 CTSV with the suede like material in the middle (leather on the outside) and the seats are ventilated for the heating and cooling. I know i shouldn’t spray anything directly and i don’t want to clog the pores. But how do i get the god awful smell of urine out?! After it happened i blotted the spot with a warm soapy rag because that’s all the info i could fine. But the smell makes me ill..
The key is stuck in it and won't crank the immobilizer it and if I can help it I would like to not bypass it but if so alright
Just bought a preowned 2011 cts coupe. When trying to pair bluetooth, it doesnt recognize/hear my voice.
It was cloudy stopped working
what size do i need?
The water leaks is easily from the side of the engine on the inlet manifold side.
what diagnostics can be done before pulling the bumper?
2013 CTS-V 6-Speed sedan
I have been sitting in a drive-through for about 15 minutes with the car running and go to Take off realize I dropped my drivers license, as soon as I put the car into gear I go to leave again come to a stop sign take off go to shift into 2nd and it was not possible so at this point I realize there's some kind of a issue, wiling neutral I tried to and shifting the car into first gear when into a fine tried shifting the kind a while in neutral I tried to and shifting the car into first gear when into a fine tried shifting the car into 2nd and was unable tried shifting into 3rd and was able, tried 4th unable 5th was able, 6th was unable reverse I was able to shit into (all while parked) so at this point I turn the vehicle off restart it and repeat this process again no changes so now I decide I'm going to limp the car home and take it to the dealer in the morning, once I got it out onto the main road and got it into 3rd gear while driving along at about 50MPH I kept pushing the clutch to the friction point as soon as it would start to grab I would let off of it I repeated this about 3x when I had came to the next stop sign all gears worked fine almost as if the sink roads were bad however the car only has 14,983 miles and since this issue I have had no problems like this occurred again any help would be great, or maybe even just some suggestions thank you kindly for reading this post..
When I'm driving it goes bck up. I have had my oil change so that's not it. Why is this happening
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