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I press button and it works for 2 minutes then goes off by its self.
In my 07 escalade ext, the passenger seat will recline back. But when you try to move it forward, nothing happen. I can hear the switch being made, but still no movement. Can anyone assist me with this problem. Thanks in advance
My 1999 Cadillac elderado only blows heat on driver side and cold comes out on the passenger side. why is this?
There is a removable chip inside small cover is that all I need to put in the other PCM?
Had blower replace, several months ago,jumped car can hear blower on with control switched off,still will not crank,issue was driving and it cut off,never been able to crank.Replaced battery,no response,replaced switch and key no response, reprogrammed no response,replaced all fuses and relays, nothing.
my battery gets drained fast
it comes on as soon as it is started hesitates a little first driving off
Replaced battery and terminals on 2002 cadillac escalade car started but lights flickering and car loosing power. Car completely died out and now doesnt do anything
How can I open up the truck manually if the latch is broke?
2003 Cadillac Deville

B0429 - Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance
C0625 - Left Rear Position Sensor Malfunction
C1241 - Variable Effort Steering Circuit Malfunction
P1416 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Bank 2

Which of these should I be most worried about? What should I get fixed first?
It putts like a tractor when I dose start blow 20 it don't start
Replacement of car battery and car still won't start after about 5 second all the power will come on now while car in on position check engine light stay on got jump car started and check engine light off drove about 5 minutes bought car back to garage and turn off and try restart nothing cadillac sts 3.6 2011
Hearing alarm noise like I too close to object in front also when press start nothing happened then about 5 second all power comes on still won't start
The key is stuck in it and won't crank the immobilizer it and if I can help it I would like to not bypass it but if so alright
Just bought a preowned 2011 cts coupe. When trying to pair bluetooth, it doesnt recognize/hear my voice.
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