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engine light comes on at same time traction control light comes on... monitor reads " service stabilitrac" then reads "service traction control system" then the last display is " proceed with reduced power" and the engine loses what feels like half its power... once you turn the vehicle off for 20 minutes the traction light goes back out, and you again have full engine strength after driving for a few hours the engine light goes back out, this happens every couple days

My car would randomly stall (completely die) whether going slow or very fast on the highway. It was happening only once or twice every six months, but progressively got worse till it was like every other time I drove it. The garage had my vehicle for a week, replaced crankshaft position sensors, spark plugs, oil change and tire rotation for $836.00. It stalled two times driving it home. Called the garage, they said I could bring it in on monday, but they didn't sound like they were standing by their work or anything....they were not reassuring at all.....What is the best way for me to handle this? Thank you. (P.S. no current codes, only historical)

Had car less than a month, knew nothing about cadillacs, cel came on, then started flashing s. Ok I know I'm probably over my head, took to a auto electric shop. Had car there 3 weeks picked up every weekend and every weekend new problem. Doors started unlocking and locking themselves, not always very inconsistent, Next weekend mechanic still doesnt know what to do, barely looked at car but did have to jump start since car locked and unlocked doors all night...his claim. I notice security is flashing more, hear clicking when driving. dropped car back off, since its a small town highly recommended, trunk stops working, but sometimes it does..? ciggarette lighter in ashtray and back seat stop working completely but one by ebrake still works. The shop says they checked a few things and disconnect neutral switch cleaned off and reconnected, but doesnt think its fixed, still not sure. Drove home and looked down speedometer doesnt work and abs light is on, go up a hill and starts working.,Mechanics answer was buy new neutral safety switch, not sure if it will fix it. DIDN'T TAKE MY CAR BACK. started trying to figure out on my own, had researched a lot while in shop. checked codes again, fixed alternator, o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2, and camshaft position sensor. according to codes car should be golden! Its not nothing has gotten better, in fact now it seems to over heat more, even though temp gauge says its under 3/4, I can hear boiling under hood, fan kicks on just fine, white smoke or vape came out of hood going up hill in limp mode, gauge said nothing wrong with temp. AND CODE STILL SAYS CAR NEEDS CAM SENSOR???? Discovered oil sending unit seems to be leaking oil onto alternator, onstar light is now on, still has abs light come on now and again speedometer usually works during those episodes. Oh and the electric windows dont always work for passengers, lock switch or not! and car acts like alternator is going out AGAIN LESS THAN 50 MILES, I hardly drive this car, when I do it starts having issues after its warmed up. ALSO TRIED EVERYTHING TO CLEAR CEL EVEN CODE READER, TAKING BATTERY CABLES OFF, TOUCHING THEM TOGETHER OFF BATTERY, TURNING KEY WITHOUT STARTING. nothing is resetting code. Only one left is cam sensor, is there more than one? What am I missing???

The stereo comes on, no sound except for a screeching sound in the speakers with the car and stereo on or off, stops only when battery disconnected, gauges, windows, AC not working, eventually car won't start. How do I fix this?

My fuel gauge continues to move up and down. I do not know how much gas is in the car. I think I might need Fuel Level Sensor Kit with Sensor, Float, Seal, and Cap, but I do not know where it is located to replace.

99 Cadillac deville fuel gauge reads incorrectly how do i fix this problem?

what size do i need?

car will start but I have to keep my foot on the gas or it will cut off and is running at 350 rpm

Won't shift out of park

Cuts out after like 3 seconds. Car always starts but then cuts out. Security warning on dash displays about theft of course. Also noticed my cats key chips moves around. Is that chip supposed to be a fixed piece??

code P0741
torque converter clutch solenoid
circuit performance
or stuck off

will not pass emission comes on at 70 miles after reset

Need to change bank 2 sensor 1. Can't afford mechanic. Need to do myself


One of the sensors fell back inside the rear bumper how do I get to it to pop it back in place

drives ok but shifts hard into reverse or drive

at low speeds

We store our XLR over the winter, and after charging battery fob is not recognized. We put a new battery in fob also

What do I do & how do I take care of this matter

Like wen i get on on the freeway n i accelerate it struggles to go (lil shakes)

shift tranny back into park blows fuses for turn signals

What is wrong when the service power steering light comes on?

I replaced the HEATER CORE, now the fans do not come on.

Original miles.....Checked fuse...Had A/C converted from R12 ....Blew perfect untill 3days ago

car making a grinding/bumping noise on rough roads or when hitting a bump. service stabilatrak continually on screen.

Broken piston

Compressor is leaking. Has been updated to newer freon.think mechanic is pulling a swift one

blower stopped. then started working a little, but some cold (AC on earlier) and burnt smell coming out of vents.

Water leaks into my trunk and makes its way under my back seat causing electrical problems. Usually only affects the driver seat. Can you move it back manually?

When key is in on position I have 40lb pressure when I try to crank I have none

traction control light stays on cant turn it off.