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1996 Eldorado has been sitting for two years, can't get fuel door to open. Checked key bob, checked Valet switch in glove box, pulled strap in trunk, which does open, but to no avail. Can't add fuel without door opening.
My car will suddenly shut off,dash lights will shut off and fuel pump will shut off as well then when i attempt to restart nothing happens for either a short or a long period of time then it suddenly will come back on but sometimes shuts back off immediatly
I have a cadillac ats 2015 and the passenger side mirror doesn't adjust nor does the turn signal light but the puddle light under the mirror works fine when i lock the car at night, the drivers side works fine except that puddle light isn't getting full power i measured it with a multimeter now on the right side mirror the power in the harness for the mirror s jumping from 3-8v when i turn on the right turn signal and no power at all goes to the turn signal light, could this be a fuse? if so which fuse because i feel like i've checked all
clicking noise from middle of dashboard - is related to A/C door actuator
I had new front wheel bearings installed on both front rotors and pads,and the wheels lined up.had a bad shimmy,shaking the steeringwheel at 50 to 60 mph. work done by dealer.I can still feel a very lite shimmy at 50 to 60 mph,but it isn't steady but it is really very annoying knowing the repairs that where made.Anybody know why?????or any suggestions
the car fogged up inside when I turned the wind shield button icon on to clear the windshield.It was so bad it fogged all the windows that u couldnt see anything outside.had to shut the car off and open windows to see when we started driving again.Also the temperature inside got hot ,like steamy heat. whats up with that?????.
thank you::::::Joe
Where can you mount a sunpass on a 2005 Cadillac STS with adaptive cruise control, heads up display, collision avoidance and rain sense
the air was blowing cold on one side and hot on the other but now its not blowing from vents but I can hear the blower motor blowing
when I change the gear to drive it makes this loud click under the car. but it doesn't make that noise when I put it on other gears. only on drive.
Outside temp goes blank and then the inside temp goes blank with default to defroster with nothing working. After 5-7 minutes of being on whether engine running or not everything starts working fine. Is there a relay/sensor involved in this process? If so, where is it as it must be hanging up? I changed out the outside ambient air sensor but I still have this problem.

10/12 No response yet. Doesn't anyone have a clue as to what is the problem? I am 77 living on SS so would appreciate some knowledge/help from someone.
no matter what temp is set driver's side blows hot. passenger vents work properly
Repair code reads 0 on scanner. Engine still misfires. Could the car computer be bad?
coul a shadetree machanic install a thermostat
I have a leak on the passenger side. the water run down the center pillar.It got very wet. 2003 cadillac cts has a factory installed sunroof It looks ok. would you have any other ideas??? all help is appreciated thank u:::JOE
where is the computer plug in to search trouble codes on my 2003 Cadillac cts
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