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it feels like a banging in the rear end
what causes the engine to retain high idling after initial startup? (but not a rough idle)
the alarm seems to go off at night in cold weather or high wings
Drove car to get gas filled up. Started the car went into drive and wouldn't go right. Out back into park tried to put in drive then it's stuck gear shifter won't move. Checked lights pin and so on. Took shifter apart tiny release button on side press in foot on break b goes into d so on. However car won't actual go forward backward nothing. Ck tran fluid beyond low. Film up. Start run and s will not go out of park unless done manually and still won't go into gear. Someone please help that knows I need my car fixed asap
My security anti theft system needs to be reset
How do I know if its time to change engine oil? do I mark the mileage? 120000 miles on it now.Does message center make u aware of 125000 when to change it again?

thank you?
My key will not turn back all the way so I can remove the key from ignition
I get a rattled on my passenger side when I drive over 55 miles an hour my steering wheel shakes somewhat I've gotten numerous wheel alignments
Cannot shift into any gear leaver just flopsaround
Car won't start
does it everytime i run it for about 5 to 10 mins than battery will b dead and wont start back up.
The traction control dosent work and won't shift out of first gear
Vehicle has new battery but wouldn't start this morning as if not getting fuel or coil wire not connected.
Did feel a cutting out sensation for a few seconds two miles before parking for the night. Wouldn't start in the morning.
Is there any thing else that would make it fail
Not work or anything
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