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How do I make sure I have the proper timing when I replace the timing belt?

where is the fruses for heater

My remote for keyless entry stopped working. I've changed the battery in the remote as well as disconnected the car battery many times. It still doesnt work. What could be the problem?

my check engine light is on and the codes are p0452, p0405, p0122a all have low voltage. i had the ecm replaced by dealer and they say they fixed a 5 volts wire but i still have the same problem can any give me some sugguestion

radio and display turns off and on as I'm driving and I noticed that my heater stops working but display stays on and a warning bell sounds but my display on the dash doesn't change or display what the problem is.

i would to do this what do i have to do this saftly

I need to know how to change the power outlets from staying on all the time to shutting off after the engine is turned off. The manual says it can be done but my dealer does not know how.

At 72000 miles the service engine soon light come on, how can I reset it. I made sure the gas cap was tight and also put a new pcv in. The car runs great and gas mileage is still the same. Thank for your help.

battery good- current goes to maxifuses to alt but no lights, doors, radio, dash board ... nothing. Most cars have a fuse from battery to the rest of car. where is this fuse here.

car won't start without using jumper cables, what's wrong?

cant get the fuel injectors to fire

happened 4 or 5 times in last month....battery seems to be ok...

the dashboard computer comes and goes it might last several weeks, then go out, the wiring has been messed with,dont know if it needs a computer or wiring harness

I removed several hoses to replace both oil gaskets that were old and started leaking. After putting it all back together I realized there was an intake problem. I found a hose I failed to connect. I tried running ther car around the block, still sounds bad. Now I have found a second hose not connected but can not figure out where it goes....HELP!

My 94 will blow hot air to the passenger side, but only luke warm to drivers side while parked, but when driving the drivers side gets only real cold air out like the outside air is coming through only. I pulled the glove box and manualy tied back the temp control arm to it's hottest postion. What do I do next so I get heat to the drivers side, "both at floor and windshield."

I have 66000 miles, and loose one to one and a quater quarts of oil each 3-4 weeks, but cannot find any source of the leak. My oil and filter are changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. This car runs great. Any suggestions?

ok..the engine light,the a.b.s light,coolant light,and battery light is all on...i was wondering if this would be a expensive fix?..this car is for sale for $3,000...wondering to buy or not to buy...

I am looking for a trustworthy mechanic to work on and repair my car. I have met three and they do one job and I can never get in touch with them when I need to. If there is one is out there who is consistent and honest please refer him my way.

I had the EGR valve replaces on my car back in November, the check engine light went compeletly off. Now the light is back on again. Is there a reasonable trustworthy Cadillac mechanic other than Cadillac Jaguar of Northlake. I am truly looking and I know there is one out there.

ihave replaced radiator, thermostas, hoses, and water pump is working well but it keeps heating up what should i look for next

I had my brakes fixed the last couples mo's of 2010. The Traction Control Light is flashing off and on. I thought it was from the snow we have had, but the roads are pretty clear now and the light is still comming on. What could the problem be?

how do you remove the trim plate on the steering wheel to get to the lighted switches

My SRX has refused to start at least a dozen times. The battery has been replaced, the alternator bench tested, the car checked for parasitic drains-all negative. The dealer suggests either;
a) a new starter motor
b) a new ignition switch
c) problem with the computer chip in the key/ignition sensor
d) or all 3
The car is paid for but I;m reluctant to let the dealer guess at my expense.

If I wait 30-45 minutes, the car has restarted. To me this suggests either an ignition or computer sensor problem. Any similar experience? Anyone solve this problem?

where is the drain plug for tranmission

I had a garage check out and they believe that air is getting into collant creating air pocket, they think compression is working through head gasket

heater only blows cold air

It started this morning and three times during the day. I replaced the air cleaner during the day. Now the car still has good cranking power, but will not start. Tried to start with starter fluid and it really wanted to go. When the starter fluid dried up it failed to start.

Anybody know where I can get the shock stem bushings and retainer?

I recently took my car in to have the oil valve covers replaced because they were leaking oil and causing the car to smoke. I picked my car up and when I idle and accelerate my car shakes violently. The mechanic is telling me that the ignition coil is bad and so is a spark plug. I did not have this problem when I took the car in. Is my car just going bad or did the mechanic cause this problem?

I put a new battery in my 91 cadillac seville, and as soon as i hooked it up, the computer in the car says "please remove ignition key, ignition disabled due to anti-theft system." But the key isn't even in the ignition! I've tried un-hooking the battery and hooking it back up, putting the key in and waiting, ect everything!! help!