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After driving for 30-45 min or so a message pops up on the monitor to Service Steering System and basically the power steering shuts off. I've replaced the VES(?) solenoid and fluid but still having this problem. If I shut the car off and restart the steering will work for 15 min or so and then the error message pops up again. If it sits for a couple hours it will work for the 30-45 min. I don't think its the pump, full of fluid and making no noise. I hope its not the rack..

Has about 100k miles on it.

Any help appreciated.

what will happen if i dont repair it right away can i keep
driving for awhile what damage will i do to the car will it
stop starting.diagnostic codes p0414.
I have checked all the fuse boxes and found no blown ones. Also since the left side air bags were repaired the left rear power lock nor the power window will with the door closed. They do operate while the door is open???? My code reader shows nothing.
Running rough and wouldn't go over 10 miles per hour. What is wrong
i have replaced 2 wiper motors then switch and new motor and wipers burn out in less tha n a month please help
Check engine light stays on. Mechanic tracked it to transmission. Still runs good. Can't get Smog Certification w/the light on.
and it will not start. How can we get it started ? We have unhooked the battery and that didn't work.
When I open door unlock doors, take keys out of ignition, passenger door opens they flash then randomly driving down the road started when my battery went dead got a jump n alarm wouldn't stop goin off so I unhooked the horn part it but every since then the inside lights n the hazard lights flash for bout 20 to 40 seconds at a time how can I get it to reset n not do that any more
the manual says refer to dealership and the dealership doesn't know how to do it
pcm p053 code, cruise control won't work when on
Where is a 2001 Cadillac mode door actuator located?
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