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automatic transmission shifts hard when taking off and it shifts first gear. it has been doing it more often lately. 2005 Cadillac 194k miles. trans. fluid has been changed twice.
My car currently has 93,000 miles on it and seems to run great. A mechanic told me the hesitation (which I don't feel) at startup is the antifreeze burning off, and the engine will soon start dripping oil and I need to replace the car. How much truth is there to this?
Thanks, Steve
I have a 2012 Cad STS & the OBD II light is on while I'm driving. What does that mean?

security light flashing after changing battery wont start
Yesterday driving to a friends my Cst started riding ruff an the traction control flashed on.. now every time since then when I drive I cant pass 60mph.
air are heater wont come on has no power cant locate fuse
how detection of theft light comes on and key will not turn off or pull out ignition can not put can in drive and locks keep trying to lock on there own (HELP PLEASE ALL YOU CAN) thank you
Car sometimes starting park and sometimes in neutral but never 100% reliable. Battery seems to drain and the onboard system gave 30 currents codes. Could it be a tcc solenoid? Safety neutral switch? Pcm? Bcm? Ecm? Linkage? Key and fob? Need help with it car runs excellent once started. Starts most the time in neutral. I dont have the key fob or original key. Codes B3832, b3833, b2463, c1246, c1282, c0615, c0620, c0635, c0690, p0106, p0121, p0132, p0133, p0137, p0138, p0150, p0151, p0154, p0155, p0174, p0175, p0203, p0204, p0207, p0208, p0300, p0325, p0335, p0336, p0351.
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