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I have a 2000 DTS. does that make a difference? the struts no longer dampen the ride. I wanted to replace the front struts and can't find the replacements. I suspect they can be rebuilt, and I would like to find the rebuild kit. Please help.
I have a vats bypass system. But dont know how to install it. I also have resistors but my key is not reading on multimeter yes I am doing right, 20k setting, both leads on each side still no luck so I do not know the value of the key to even put the resistors together. I also cannot find the fuel enable or circuit 229 wire either to install the module. HELPPPPPPP!!!!!
I need to service my fuel sender unit (gas gauge is not working at all). What is the easiest way to get access to this unit?
Typically what needs to be repaired and is it expensive.
Car is running rough....Spark plugs have been changed, coils are good. Codes are: C0186, C0187, C0136, C0561, C0253, P0442, P0204.....Thinking I should change the PCM, as well as, just to make matters worse I don't no it's location. Can you please help.
Car has 78,000 miles on it. It ran hot one day on my daughter, had it towed in to repair shop. They replaced the water pump, belt and pulley. Drove it for 5 days, all of the sudden wouldn't start. Had it towed in again, was told it needed a new battery, bought a new battery, drove it home not even a mile and the check engine line stays on.
Car will move in drive but won't in reverse or move in neautrsl
I recently purchased the 1990 cadillac deville not knowing the full extent of the issues with it. I thought it needed a muffler n found out instead it is misfiring and I was told it needs a whole new exhaust system along with a manifold. My rear manifold bolt is broken off.. can a shop fix this??? If so how much will they charge?!? :(
could it be the rain sensor
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