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When door open it stops,then begin when driving.

Unhooked battery, kept running.
Found fuse box and pulled the eng

warning msg to check suspension system & traction control light comes on.

This is second time that I know of.

should I do now, change the water pump?

I saw the post on how to fix the leak but how did everyone remove the water and get the damp smell out?

while driving AC just stops running. power lights still on....

Worse when air is running

A piece came out threw tailshaft still works just leaked fluid out hole What could have broke

The car starts and runs great. I have to disconnect the battery so it doesn't die because I can't turn the ignition all the way off therefore it will not come out

It occurs after few days later that i put the coolant and transmission fluid in. Po455 large coolant system leak. Po442 small coolant system Leak.

Car sat for some time - repaired alternator, new battery. Ac needs relay switch I'm told.

Rides like a dream but has white smoke

Lights come on randomly when parked runs battery down

My truck has failed Maryland State emissions, twice.

I had the secondary coolant fan replaced on it over a year and a half ago and I think it changed my coolant system to be pressurized how can I drain and flush the coolant?

traction control light on key stuck in ignation

Just stopped working properly altogether. Blows out defrost and floor vents. Cool on drivers side, hot on passenger side. Rear area blows hot when a/c is on.

my headlight won't come on with the remote. I have to constantly keep turning them off and on manually until they turn on

It does not crank only click I have to do that a few times before it will start....

Why do I have to keep trying to start my car over and over before it will start up....could it be my ignition switch?

If the car idling about 15 mins , it will leak a little, when the car is turned off it leaks out more!

boot is not ruptured, but hub and axle turn separately.

When I turn the key its just turning then it finally starts

car does not start shows no fobs on dash once or twice a weak

1992 cadillac brougham 10,000 mile.

1 - battery light flashing allthe time
2 - turn signals light blinking faster than normal
3 - when i start the ignition the ac direct turn on so if i want to turn of i should press on off button
4 - fuel gage notwork properly always shows tank is full
5 - a/c blow cold/hot air but from beneath the dashboard vent only othe vents not blowing any air.

Please anyone could help

I need to change this on my car I've got the part I've gotten into my fuel pump where I imagined this would have been located can anyone help please

my car showed check coolant level. After filling coolant tank to full I noticed it was leaking under the car. A complete leak. Is this a major cost involved? Also, should I drive the car or have it towed to mechanic?

i need to replace my front and rear bumpers on my cadillac deville 2004

Car runs good once it's start, check engine light on, poor gas miles, traction control light on, ABS light on

My light will not go off with a new alternator.