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it was working fine, and one day I went out to start. It started as like always, but this time it wouldn't move and haven't since. This was 5 months ago.

I have a 2000 Cadillac Seville and the speedometer is not showing the right speed. It shows it going faster than I actually am going.
stuck in park will not shift out, i do have brake lights
this happened after tire rotation and alignment
Before I replaced the master cylinder I heard a humm noise off and on, the week before I replaced the master cylinder my service system stability light came on, after that it went off now it's on again and comes and goes occasionally with a humm noise? Do u know what it could be
Remote will not open door sometimes. Fob battery replaced but no affect. Ignition will not respond with brake pushed. Door locks while engine is not running even though fob is in car.
Car may start fine and all of a sudden it doesn't start. Can wait a while and it will start. Random, but light comes on and code is always 15
not enough room to remove and replace the oil level sensor in the 2001 Eldorado. it hits the frame before it is all out by about 1/4 inch. what to do?
the stabletrack ABS idiot light is on, and I want to reset or disable it. it just gives notice on the odometer that it needs service soon only when weather is very cold. I'm fed up with all the idiot lights on this car. no leaks, no steearing or breaking problems'
Every time I shut off car I have to jump battery n the anti theft light comes on but will start with a jump the battery is good I had to break in to my car through the trunk n ever since this is how I have to start my car
Happend when I went to turn on the heater. Once, I turned the nob it did not turn off. I then shut down the and it was still on. You can hear the motor running and feel warm air through every vent. Any help?
Engine running rough, when trying to start nothing happens everything goes blank. Battery is less than a month old.
Started 3 wks ago.starts up put in drive hear a clunk sound then dies.put new sensor and battery.could it be the torque censor senoid?
i am trying to replace the thermostat looked everywhere i thought on line but cannot find the year and repair I need. The gauge does not move stays on "0" no liquid on the ground
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