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I am looking at a used Lacrosse, it has the following issue as per current owner. Does this sound like a BCM issue? Does the BCM have to be programmed? In my limited research, it does not sound like it has to be if it is the correct one

"The cars runs and drives but after some time the gauges will go out and the AC quits blowing cold as well. As long as the gauges are on the AC blows cold. If you turn the car off and back on then the gauges come back on. I replaced the BCM but I think it needs to be reprogrammed."
Wondered if can be soldered or if special adhesive needed
Car was slower to start, then it didn't start. Replaced the starter. replaced plugs and wires same day. It started, ran it for a day. Then battery was dead. Replaced battery, then O'Reilly's said it was the alternator. Replaced the alternator. Ran for a day, then battery died completely, to the point my car shut off. Have a new battery. Haven't done anything yet.
I replaced the water pump on a 2007 Buick lacrosse 3800 motor and car still is overheating what is my problem
I have a automatic and when car warms up and changing gears from slowing down or stopping I have replaced left transmission mount and is still doing this transmission has been checked for problems codes show no problems
How do I get rid of the locked message and also my radio won't come on now. It's a 2015 Buick Encore. Thanks for your help
While sitting idle with air, radio on etc. The car will all of a sudden just off.
The message center will not illuminate any more but all other lights are on.
Sometimes I may get a message Battery Saver.
rear wheels appear slanted on top inward and car dogleggse going down the road somewhat also makes a louder noise than usual kind of a howel brakes are good and tires are ok and only started doing this lately always has been very quiet and ran fine l is this a front wheel drive?
service engine light on intermittently; was told code was egr issue valve looked recently done? I've never replaced O2 car had 62k when I got it now has 102. wondering if new O2 would improve my horrible mileage and performance and pass smog test? ideally need intake replaced/gaskets. its plastic and leaks oil/coolant passages for egr clogged I'm sure but cannot afford now; need smog this week! will O2 help? REPLY ASAP
I have no horn, back up assist, door chime, reminder sound that head lights are on; no chime when vehicle is started, no sound to my radio. All of these fuses test good. The fuses for high and low beam for passenger and driver, ARL, rear defog, and heated side mirrors all show no power to either side of the fuse but these work fine. Thoughts?
Car running fine, stopped to drop off trash and when I restarted could not shift out of park. Where is the manual override?
Car was hit by ark lighting from ground, battery was drained, no dash lights and car was dead, charged battery to 12.3 volts, got dash lights and marker lights to come on and fuel pump activates, but car won't even attempt to turn over. Volt light comes on and stays on and air bag light as well.
I'm looking at a 1999 Buick Regal Gs for sale and the owner says the engine runs hot sometimes because the radiator overflow hose gets a hole rubbed in it by the supercharger pulley. The hose is missing a little ring on it to keep it away from the supercharger and I can easily fix this issue, but for a $1 fix wouldn't he do it? Could this cause the engine to run hot or is he trying to hide another issue? Thanks!
I have a 2001 Buick Century, climate control w/passenger control also. Cooled air is coming from passenger side, warm air from driver side. I removed the driver side actuator thinking this to be the problem. However, with the actuator removed the blender arm will not move. Should this move freely without the actuator. Any idea how to remedy this while not forcing the arm?

When I turn the turn signal on, the signal works properly. When I hit my brake pedal, the signal stops. When I release the brakes, signal resumes.
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