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I can dial on my phone and the voice will come through the car. I can say call and recite the number and that will work. But cannot say call and then the person's name.
New radiator new water pump no leaks
It seems as it's aproblem with the security system.
I hear nothing when I shut the car off and don’t move restart it gage mover when I step on the gas dose you move while car is going
Installed new mast and antenna. Howdo I get radio to work again
Pre-owned car, no problems first couple of years, 2 inches of water suddenly showed up after last heavy rain. Vacuumed that out, some water returned overnight (no rain). Vacuumed that away, more came in the next night (no rain) (less than previously).
My brake lights are staying on so I need to find the brake switch
We turned the air on a couple days ago and the air came out the dash vents after only coming out defrost for several months. It worked until car was turned off. Then next time we turned it on air came out defrost vents again. Been doing this at least 5 years. Bottom line---Air comes out defrost vents most of the time. Like I said above, I replaced a couple bad hoses going to firewall, so, there is strong vacuum there.
My check engine light goes off after a while and only does it when my speed is high. It also makes a grinding noise when the thermostat is a lil over the half mark and I accelerate but when I take my foot off the gas and accelerate again it stops.
1992 buick Roadmaster when my car is in Park ac blows cold. But when im in drive it and i go over 40 or something like that it will start blowing heat or the vent. But if i go back into park and hit the econmey button the ac will blow cold
speedometer registers about 50mph over actual speed and mileage jumped up by 80,000 miles
Only on the drivers side door
the car has to be reved up to go into 1st gear,also when I come to a stop it clunks when downshifting to 1st.after a while it drives ok until its parked a long time then same thing. every now and then during regular city driving it shifts a little hard,not very bad but noticeable.sometimes when I accelerate I hear a slight rattle.
I just recharged the Freon, but it only seems to work for the front. Is there a separate recharge point for the rear?
My engine is showing coolant overheating light on .
My Engine light has shown on for a few months.
I have replace a busted radiator hose and a busted bypass hose to the water pump. Still the coolant light is on. There has been a release of air also.
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