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Remote switch has been checked,ok. The receiver not working on any doors.

Evaporative System and Heated oxygen Sensor. So what can I do about that.

I hate my 2007 terraza I have so much problem

where would I find the oil pressure

The light is on after the car ran out of fuel. Now the light remains on. I just bought the car to a dealer without warranty. The car has 160,000 miles. Runs nice and is very well maintained. I was reading the user manual but didn't find good help.
Can you give me some advise on this problem. The car has the gas tank and I recheck it, oil ok. Two weeks ago I put gasoline of different class because was the only one available.

I replace the brake pad on the front wheels know my traction control light stay on.


The driver's side seat warmer has stopped working, but the passenger side works fine. We can only find one fuse listed for "heated seats" and it's on the right front passenger side. The fuse is not blown. Does this fuse work for both sides or is there another one? Is there something else we should try?

3.5l engine, a diagram would be nice too

The rear wiper motor is not working. I'm assuming this is just a bad motor back there. Any ideas on procedure to replace? What is the difficulty level?

I currently have several nagging issues with DVD player not working. The 2 keyfobs are not working. Right sliding door will not open from front control swith or from inside in right-back seat. Could these issues be related? The keyfobs haven't worked for a few months like the door. But, the DVD player stopped working this week when the battery died (after trying to jumpstart...and mechanics doing diagnostics). I'm concerned something chronic is breaking down in the electrical system. Any ideas on how to resolve?

When the car brakes or takes off from a stop, we can here a fairly loud crack noise. I have already checked the axles, brake caliper pins, wheel bearings, struts and had it in at a transmission shop because I was afraid that was where it was coming from. The steering wheel also pulls when you stand on the brake in "Drive" and push down on the accelerator, also producing the noise. All tell tail signs of a bad motor mount. Is there anywhere online that would help me with the steps I need to take to do this myself?

I tried to open my door and the handle isn't grabbing what's needed to get the door to open. Is there a way to try fix this without going to a repair shop and paying a ridiculous amount?

I recently purchased a 2006 Buick Terraza with 109,000+ miles and noticed it shifts odd. Sometimes my dashboard will shake and I noticed a little shudder when it shifts. I had a diagnostic check and they pulled a code p1811.(?)Max adapt and long shift. The description said 3 things cause this: worn clutches, low fluid, and a bad pressure control solenoid... Which they said was a GM only part. My fluid isn't low, but it isn't red either. Was also told worn clutches unlikely because of age. Some auto parts store ordered a transmission control solenoid. I am not sure if that's the same as pressure control solenoid. Carfax didn't show any transmission fluid/filter change and book says every 100,000 mi. Many questions... Are the 2 solenoids I mentioned the same? Are they GM parts only? How many solenoids are in the transmission? Any support or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

motor mounts have been replaced already

And it still is locked

My ignition quit and I had no brakes or power steering and my engine was going high throttle, I rear ended a car then tried to get my car in neutral and I pushed it into reverse and it took off back wards and I could not get it to stop because I had no powersteering or brake. It was like I was fighting the engine. I ran into the rear of someone. Then I was trying to get my car in neutral and I went to far and went into reverse, then my car took off backward and I hit a truck behind me. Has anyone had this problem

steer or brake. It was like I was fighting the engine. I ran into the rear of someone. Then I was trying to get my car in neutral and I went to far and went into reverse, then my car took off backward and I hit a truck behind me. Has anyone had this problem

I am also getting the "service traction system" message in conjunction when I get the other message "reduced engine power", rpm is showing 5 & speedometer is showing about 40mph, then engine starts running bad and reducing engine speed on it's own, even when I'm pressing on the excelerator.


gm dealer replaced compressor, recharge and checked for leaks, still cycling on and off rapidly, not staying on long enough to cool van, plus vent under drivers seat don't blowing out anything, vent near drivers door blowing out very little, could this be some kind of blockage or an electronic module? Help at my wits end.

Where does it attach?