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shop has car and it is getting very costly.i have put in fuel pump,filter,egr valve,plugs wires.i am just about to let them keep the me please.i need help.

1996 buick skylark keeps blowing tail light and in dash fuse. where is the external fuse box located so I can check to see if there is anything wroing in there. what could be the problem.

they said it was valve cover seals need to be replace

in one of my sealender

wire colors would random fire on code reader changed coils,plugs,timing chain,what else could that be help

the problem and how do i fix it?
the blower motor is blowing but something is blocking the air flow. someone said my slim door isn>t opening. where is it located?

The car was not running when the leak started. I had my son crawl under the car to see where leak was coming from and he said there is 2 hoses and it is coming from the top hose, but cant determine where. I also have a issue where my car makes a knocking sound until it warms up.

i bought the bulb but do not know how to get the old one

my car was going good at first and then one day as i went to get in the car i kindly put mii foot on the brake to put the car in reverse but nuthin the car would not move so i put it in drive and it still would not move so i thought maybe it was the strainer so i brought a strainer and put it in but that wasnt the problem so if anybody no whats wrong with mii car please let me know.

my car wont go forward nor backwards.

I need to replace the alternator

I stopped to get gas and when i got in to start my car it would not start so I took out the key and all my lights in the car started going off. When I got it jumped it wouldnt start with the key in it but when I took the key out it tried to start on its own 1 time then the second time it started while I had the keys in my hand and it wouldnt go off I unhooked the battery but it kept running then I turned on the air and it went off? Please help my mechanic doesnt even know what is going on?????

The mechanic claimed that the engine only had 37,xxx miles on it.

Before the engine was put in the car it sat for two years. I replaced front brake pads, rotors, rear shoes, and drums replaced three months before the engine went out. Now I have a problem at times, when I apply brakes, a clunking noise seems to come from the back passenger side of the car and then, the car bounces up a down. I've had two mechanics to tell me what they think is wrong with the brakes:
Mechanic #1 - Told me that he test drove the car, took the wheels of, saw that there was alot of rust/brake dust, sprayed the car with some type of brake cleaner. After driving the car less than 5 miles, the noise is back. I took it back, the mechanic does the same thing as the first visit. Again shortly after driving it, the noise is back. The third and final visit the mechanic tells me that the noise is coming from the front of the car and that he needed to "turn my rotors" and "adjust the front pads." This didn't sound right to me. I thought that you "bleed the rotors" and "turn the drums."
Mechanic #2 test drove the car, took the wheels off the car, and told me that one of the back brake shoes were cracked, there is a leak from the wheel cylinder, my drums need to be resurfaced or replaced, front pads, and rotors all need to be replaced. They said that the problem with the clunking noise and bouncing is coming from the rear of the car. They also said that the fact that the car sat for two years could have made all of these parts "go bad."

I'm just overwhelmed with this information. Can you give me your opinion. The engine replacement cost me $1,380. Mechanic #1 - I don't believe is telling the truth nor do I feel is qualified to do the work.
Mechanic #2 - I believe as for as the broken brake shoe is concerned and that there may be a leak, because he showed me the wet area & the broken brake shoes. I find it hard to believe that everything else has to be replaced. This estimate is close to $800.

steering colmn lock plate taken off and what i believe is the lock cyl release pin pushed in it would not i ummm used a slide hammer on it,not a good idea!then my brother did some more on it...trying to break and or pry the cylinder out of the its realy stuck..any ideas on how to remove lock cylinder from case? do i need to remove whole steering colmn,,this car belongd to my late grandfather and iam trying to restore,,thanks D.B

i have replaced the water-pump,thermostat,heater core ,radiator,heating sensors,heater control module and a new radiator cap but still no heat what could this be .its not the blower it blows strong but only cold air and the car doesnt over heat

Is this something that I can change myself, or do I have to go to a mechanic? It's located on the left side of the dashboard.

When it gets stuck on high idle then you shut car off and restart will go back to normal idle for a while but then will get stuck again. I am having to shut car off frquently when in route to get it to stop....getn worse

reading is a misfire on cylinder one i have had the spark plugs changed the boots changed and the ignition coils changed and the starter replaced. what else would and it is still loosing power and cutting off.

Replaced the head set, one of the intake valves, and the push rod which were broken and the engine is still very noisy. When we checked the oil filter there was no oil in it. So than we checked the oil pump and it was fine too. What would cause the oil to not be circulated in the motor if the oil pump was fine?

I just replaced the stock stereo in my Skylark and now the Dashboard and Tail lights are not working (brake lights and interior lights work fine). I checked the fuse and even replaced it with a brand new one and they still don't work.

still has noticable leak that rests in the frame well where the radiator sits, there are small wells and the coolent is there. Had a mechanic put on the pressure "thing" it showed no loss, but I don't know how long he had it on, or how long it HAS to be on before it reveals a loss of pressure. The radiator was replaced two years ago, spark plugs, wires, all hoses connected with the radiator, BUT DID not REPLACE the water pump OR the thermostat. How effective would be having a diagnostic dye put in? IF it is the water pump, OR the thermostat, would the diagnostic dye reveal THAT? I am having a cow

1993 Buick Skylark, 6 cyl.

key will not go back to stop engine

i am trying bto change bad starter

The knob that turns on/off my headlights/parking lights has broken off the switch shaft. Since this is a 1997 Skylark, an exact replacement knob is unavailable in most, if not all, stores. How can I find a substitute knob?

6 cyl 3L skylark grand coup. replaced radiator, head gaskets done, rewiring, replaced blower fan fuse with amber 40, replaced relay, hoses replaced, platimum spark plugs and wires, replaced thermostat, replaced heater core. it leaks antifreeze. why?

I just bought a 1996 Buick Skylark with 47,000 miles on it and would like to locate the recommended maintenance intervals. Are they posted on the Internet? The car didn't come with an owners manual. Thank you!

Removed all fasteners and storage console from seat... 3 bottom bolt/screws do not have anywhere to attach to through metal on lower seat center mount. This mount has much larger opening than necessary. Is there supposed to be a clip or nuts. Cannot find any inside or underneath. Thank you!

i was repairing power windows and fuse blew and stopped the car from strating and everything else from working. looked for window fuse under colum and it didn't have one for it and all other fues under there o.k. looked under hood and found no fues panel box.....,what the heck did i do to stop everything from working and the car not starting. have brand new generator and battery only a week old.....