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what is code 51
Just replaced head gaskets and intake gaskets loss of power and no throttle responds and no overdrive
Engine starts and stalls occasionally all instrument lights stay on even when the car does start and runs. The engine is also sluggish and when you find the right throttle position in takes off. I changed the the throttle position sensor and didn't help. Car doesn't have a chip in the key. Is the engine stall problem the instrument cluster, theft system or sensor failure ?
My car is actually an 88, the fuel injector, and fuel pump are brand new. The fuel pump is giving it gas but it will not spray and therefor the engine dies on start up. You can spray starter fluid into the carburetor and it will continue to run but the problem is the injector not spraying fuel into it. We checked the wires leading into the injector and they are delivering a signal when we turned the key but still no spray. This problem started happening after my battery died and I removed it to have it recharged since no one would give me a jump.
I could drive my car for about 15 to 20 mins then go to park, so I reverse then put in drive but it won't go but car will still running,so I turn off 96 Buick Skylark waited like 45mins to an hour to start my car back up, put it in drive & it drove,this has happened a few other times, don't understand what could be the problem cause there isn't no check engine light or anything of that sort showed up in dashboard,have this happened to anyone else that drives a 96 Buick Skylark??? can anyone help,give me some advice or something???? please!!
Got this car from original owner in 2013. It had 50,000 original miles in the first 21 years. In last 2 years I put 24,000 on it. I noticed some coolant was coming out of overflow tube on expansion tank(and coolant was boiling/bubbling in expansion tank.) Car was also making a "marbles rolling around in coffee can" noise at this time and it hadn't been before. I took it to be a failing water pump. I replaced, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, all coolant, flushed coolant system. Electric fan seems to work, at least when a/c is on. No issue for three weeks. Today car is expelling coolant again from expansion tank overflow hose. And "coffee can with marbles noise" is still there-leading me to think timing chain/guides are beginning to fail. So, Any guesses on coolant issue? How about coffee full of marbles noise issue? Thanks!
The fuel pump is brand new and the filter as well, but it still does the same thing, as if there is no gas getting to the injectors. I should mention after the initial replacement the car ran fine for a couple of weeks and then back to the same symptoms for witch i replaced the pump in the first place.

If not the relay switch what else can it be.

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