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its an 1988 buick skylark engine replace with a 151 2.5 iron duke 4 cy
ok my vent temp is 42 at idle and driving up to about 35-40 mph any faster the temp rises up around 65 deg's everything is new no reman stuff vac it down to -28, high side pressure is 225-low side pressure is 40, outside temp is 90. anyone have a clue thks dave
the drivers side is the wheel that shakes the ball joints are in ok shape the tire is missing 1.50 tire weight. the air pressure is at speciation. the car will not shake at all Intel I press the bakes the brake pedal does not jolt back. I took it to 5 certified shops and they told me that they could not fix it because they don't no what is wrong I flushed the break line. please help
When I turn my key to on position no dash act like it want to crank but don't catch turns right back off I put new fuel filter on it the starter is good so what do I need to do next to save money from buying parts I don't need
problem just started
Ive been researching for 2 days now. It seems like the problem to my fustration of a vechile is either blown head gasket or crankshaft sensor. Sensor cost $30 and gasket cost $50. I do things myself but heard head gasket is a pain in the ass. Anyone have any tips
brakes has air in them it was blead
Thought it was fuel filter but car still stalls. Got several lights on dash. Low coolant theft seat belt oil batt abs brake and airbag.
That would get in my 2 door skylark. It's a power window
I checked fuses none blown and wiring that I thought it would be but nothing . Headlights work and brake lights work any ideas
The horn honks all the time if the fuse is in.
Driver side window is acting up. Need to get the panel off.
I have changed the starter, coil, alternator, plugs and wires. I have also replaced the ignition switch and turn signal switch.
I have not changed the points, nor checked the timing, but could those two things be the problem?
I had to select the wrong year because my year wasn't available.
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