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car will shut off while driving, and the moter gets hot

Blower has stopped infrequently over the past year, but daily for 2 weeks now coming back on occasionally until 1 week ago. Now no forced air at all. No funny noises or odors, and I've been told it may be a relay.

Any suggestions?


How do program a transmitter (keyless remote) for a 1994 Buick Roadmaster… is there a procedure or do you need a scanner?
thank you

It seems my A/C clutch assembly has broken apart. After speaking with several auto parts stores and explaining what I was experiencing I was told I needed to replace the inner hub. That is fine although I have no Idea how to disassemble the three part unit. The pulley and bearing are operating normally and there is no binding in the belt. Also the noise is much louder when A/C is turned off. However, still not a problem with pulley running, no squealing. Just the grinding of that middle part of clutch assembly. Would I be better off replacing entire clutch assembly? Still no clue as to how to get this part off A/C compressor.

Can someone please tell me where is a heating core located in a 1995 buick roadmaster ... inside car or under the hood in engine?

where is it located in the car?...(heating core )

How much of the dash has to be removed to replace the heating core?

How do I release tension on the pulleys associated with replacing the belt on my roadaster?

where is this valve located and is it fairly easy to replace ?

94 buick roadmaster with auto climate control Blower runs all the time will speed up and down with key on but will not stop even when key off checked grey black wire at blower resistor has low voltage after key off. no relays under hood for hvac. only relay by blower motor is for rear defogger. where would the relay be located.

I have two buicks a 93 and 94 roadmasters both batteries go dead over night or two. On the 93 i had to install a separate relay to bypass heater control it solved problem but is crued. On the 94 I actually can hear the blower fan go on and off with the keys out of the ignition. this must be a fairly common problem or i must be very lucky. Both cars have the automatic heat control. What could it be?

while in drive my car hesitates and sounds it my fuel filter, fuel pump or oil filter

I bought replacement wire wheel cover for a missing one. However, my wheel cover locking key doesn't work on the replacement cover. Is there any way to secure the new cover without the appropriate locking key?

where is the fuel pump located for this car

Replaced gaskets on water pump no water poring out of the weep holes

replaced water pump gaskets now the coolant poring out of it

how to remove and replace

what should one muffler replacement for my 1995 buick cost,labor and materials

car will not crank by key something to do with anti theft system what could the promblem is there a sensor and where is it location

speedometer,odometer and battery guage working off and on looking for grounding information and a schemtic

i need help ----my speedometer,odometer and volage guage work on and off,they go from pegged (in both directions) to correct readings..sometimes when i tap on them .i am looking for a wiring problem,but i don't know where to start

how cani access the wiring to the odometer/speedometer and voltage guage ?

instrument panel -loose conection speedometer odometer and voltage guage where are these common?

my odometer, speedometer and voltage guage work on ocassion,and sometimes when i tap on them...mechanic said needs to be rebuilt ($800.00) open to suggestions