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When I charge my air conditioning system, it gets cold for about a day and a half and then nothing. I'm fairly certain it's a leak, as this has happened several times even after replacing compressor. Thanks.

at, speed runs well, just during idle, oilpressure drops, engine idles rough and stalls.

fuse for transmission on a 1994 Buick Roadmaster

6-8 X during a 40 mile trip.

When driving 40 miles at night it happened 8-10 times yesterday.

noise. Sometimes it will not make noise &when you start driving and hit a bump in the road it's get noisey again. When you shut it off it squeels & then goes off. What should I do?

it backfire as i give it gas to as it jerks what is that making it do that?

when i crank my car and put it in first gear and as it start to take off,its start to jerking at the speed of 20 and as i try to give it more gas it start jerking. what could be the problem?

Have Installed New fuel pump,crank sencer,key and switch,

Is the valve bad?? Also this Buick has climate control and is not a manual control heat or cooling system. Over the last three to four years getting less and less heat until NONE these last few days as its colder outside. Engine temp is fine as temp guage fluctuates up and down slightly which indicates thermostat is ok. Engine does not over heat and radiator warms up all over equally which indicates radiator is not plugged up. Any suggestions??

The car will was starting with the old battery (after a jump) but after we got a new battery, starter and cilinoid the car will do nothing but click when trying to start it. We HAVE gotten it to very nearly turn over once but no idea why. The strange thing is, while jumping, the volt gage on the dash will be at 13 but when we try to start it, it drops all the way to 0 and all lights dim. We are desperate to get this car running because it is a primary transportation and there is a newborn in the house.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


intake gasket removal and reinstallation

The oil filter came off on the interstate'.

Went in for an oil change and the tech informed me there was a leak around the seal so they were unable to change the oil.

part fell out causing brakes to fail what part could be missing?

would like to see a diagram on brake system for rear

this only happens when i apply the brake

keeps going in and out

my car is ruuning fine but it idles up and down until the oil pressure gauge goes down to 0 and the oil light comes on

The odometer went out on june 6, 2011, and has not been working since, so i don't know how many miles i have gone.

How do I change a fuel pump in a 1993 Roadmaster? I have to believe it is in the fuel tank. Thanks in advance

Car was running but sat for a couple of months.Now the engine turns over but won't start. It has gas but suspect no spark getting to the ignition. Possible problem?

i have a 1995 roadmaster with three oil leak,smoking out the tail pipe,slow take off gas line need to be check run hot at time i am a mother with little mean too fix this car it was good when i frist had it then the trouble started

how to remove air injection pump during water pump replacement

My oil pan was damaged, and im being told that in order to replace it, the whole motor has to be hoisted out of the this right?

I believe my fuel is going I was wondering if someone could direct me to a place there I can easily see step by step how to change it out

My 95 Roadmaster stalls when driving. No discernible sounds coming from engine prior to stall, just complete shutdown. Sometimes I am able to restart the car immediately, sometimes not. I have taken the car to a mechanic twice and they have been unable to diagnose the problem

Where is the relay located for the automatic head lamp?

I have a 1992 buick roadmaster and when i start the car my head lights automatic come on and shut off when i shut off car. I was driving down the street one night and the automatic lights just cut off i then had to cut them on manually and i've had to do so manually since. What cause this problem and how do i get them to start back coming on automatically again?

i bought a 1995 buick roadmaster for a hundred dollers.The guy i bought it from replaced the moter and now backfires thro the carb when the moter is cold and the check engine light is on the code comes up as a o2 sencor not to worried about that. If you sit with it in drive the check engine light goes off untill you give it gas. can anyone help me ive giving up on the thing thank you and god bless