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replaced water pump gaskets now the coolant poring out of it
how to remove and replace
what should one muffler replacement for my 1995 buick cost,labor and materials
car will not crank by key something to do with anti theft system what could the promblem is there a sensor and where is it location
speedometer,odometer and battery guage working off and on looking for grounding information and a schemtic
i need help ----my speedometer,odometer and volage guage work on and off,they go from pegged (in both directions) to correct readings..sometimes when i tap on them .i am looking for a wiring problem,but i don't know where to start
how cani access the wiring to the odometer/speedometer and voltage guage ?
instrument panel -loose conection speedometer odometer and voltage guage where are these common?
my odometer, speedometer and voltage guage work on ocassion,and sometimes when i tap on them...mechanic said needs to be rebuilt ($800.00) open to suggestions
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