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Have replaced the ignition switch and security wire on a vehicle we purchased which had no key. The dash gauges light up but the starter does not engage when the key is turned...nothing happens. Any idea what else I could check? I have not re-installed the air bag on the steering wheel after installing the lock-set. Does anyone know if the airbag has to be connected for the car to start?

1995 Buick rivera super charge, a year ago could hear a tick in dash, recently had work done on the car, they did unhook Battery. Now AC only blows top dash and floor and back seat vents on at me . I can still hear the tick, after a few seconds it stops. how can I fix this with out it costing me a arm & a Leg.. Thank you

I need some assistances that will show me how to put it back togather from the upper bearing ,steerinq wheel,turn signal switch,ect. My memory is not as good as it was and I don't need it to cause problems.

What is cost to convert the AC system?

Apparently it's not the high pressure side so it has a leak. Well we went to put the uv leak finder in but the low pressure side is reading 120...but i was told until i put freon in it will be high...cani put the freon in so i can put the leak finder? Cuz its auto air

Problem just started.

foot is getting hot while driving.

You can take your foot off the gas and it will still keep moving motor is reving up has power just revs to 2000

How can I pinpoint exactly why this is happening? All this just from trying to change a bulb in my trunk.

I was changing a bulb in my trunk. The light lit for a fraction of a second, then nothing. Then I noticed my inside lights and remote door locks stopped working. I checked all the fuses and they were good. That only leaves me to believe that it's a cirquit breaker. Anyone know how I can reset one?

I added freon while the car was started and had it turned on high/ auto. Still not blowing cold air. I checked to make sure the freon wasn't leaking. Is there a fuse i need to change? Could it be an easy fix or should i take it to the shop?

The loud constant humming noise stops after about 1 minute and will sometimes start up again while just sitting there. Could this be the fuel pump?? It's supercharged and the noise seems to be coming from above the drivers rear tire. Thanks

The gas pump will stay running and also the 3 min delay to start comes on says security and i have to wait 3 min to start it.I had to put a key on the battery to turn it on and off every time i am not using it.Now it started yesterday the motor shut off going down the road.Can this be anything to do with the speedometer or any ideas?? Thank you..

It will start one minute and the next it will

Ive replaced, fuel filters, pump, hoses, wires, plugs, cap,rotor, points, distributor, i habe a 4 barrel edlebrock carb. Headers, and new exhaust manifold. My question is i like to go fast, and tried peeling out in 1st gear, as well as drive, and the car died. Its happened 3 times, and not sure y. My idle seemed low and sometimes it would die when comin to a stop, i adjusted the idle screw on carb to make it idle faster, im very confused and dont knw much about cars, please help me beable to fix thanks. Casey

I cannot find a replacement lock for the alarm system, only a standard lock. How can I fix this so I don't have to disconnect battery?

It seems to not shift properly. Normally when stopped at a light RPMs about 700. Lately its been above 1000 RPMs. I am getting horrible gas mileage. Any suggestions to figure out how to fix the problem appreciated.

I'm trying to find an auto trans range selector cable for my 1989 buick Riviera.

Driver door blows warm air while others are cool in a/c mode. Just opposite in heat mode.What component causes this and where is it located? Is there a diagnostic available from a dealer to identify the problem?

I do have power getting to switch because the motor does get hot. I assume the actual pull down bar is seized. What other cars share the same unit?

I was wanting to see if bottom belt tensioner was making the bnoise, eased tension on the belt taking it loose from alternator pulley, started engine and belt got caught up and wrapped around crankshaft pulley, engine let out aloud clank and aftger reinstalling belt...turns over, goofy sounds and no start ...what might have been damaged?

I bought a 95 buick riviera supercharged, only the 3rd owner, no prior problems reported...every now and then right after i put gas in it either won't start or dies soon after...when i put my foot on the gas it doesn't register and the last time in the midst of breaking down i lost power steering and breaks. i don't know if those problems are because it died or not but i do also have a gash in my muffler/ up by where it connects by motor. whats wrong n how do i fix it?

SEL is on, hade code P0102 replaced MAF sensor code now gone. Can erase SEL with my scanner but it keeps coming back on.! Will go out for a few seconds then back on again. Anybody have any idea as to why it should keep coming on and what to do to make it stay off.?