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It Cutts out in overdrive going down the road shift to 3 gear and it goes away and runs fine. And sometimes it doesn't do it
I added a new battery and a new starter and still cranks like the battery is dead
not getting power to fuel pump
I have no forward or reverse no noise was made I was just driving and all the sudden it wouldn't go what could this be
Question - how do I re-adjust the door hinges after replacing the hinge pins? I had to back off the hinge bolts in order to replace the hinge pins but when I tighten t he bolts, the door is way out of alignment. I cant find any site online that can give me advice on this.

My head lights not coming on as well (((HELP ME)))
It was an automatic fail for smog since the check engine light did not come on. Is this a hard fix, is it expensive?
I tried to have it smogged and the tech said it was an automatic fail due to the check engine light not coming on when he started to start the car. Is this an easy fix?
How do I move my driver side power seat and mirror back to my setting? It got wet during a rainstorm. And the seat moved forward towards the steering by itself and won't move at all anymore.
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