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Cigarette lighter fuse location
Temp gauge says overheating after couple minutes driving if I engage cruise it goes back down I have changed and bleed thermostat
Door chime won't stop it's on all the time once I put key in ignition and start the truck and I'll like to know what's wrong
When I'm driving down the highway and set the cruise control the car will start jurking and the RPM will start going up and down. Also when I'm driving or giving it gas the battery light will come on until I let off the gas then it will go back off. Changed the alternator and battery still does it. Thanks for ur help.
2004 Buick rendezvous fuel filter location
the gurgling noise sounds like it is coming from the air conditoner
lites on dash liteup but no sparks
After the head gasket got on I drove for a week now my car won't crank and it seems as if the battery is dead not sure
while driving
When vehicle is in drive going from 1st to 2nd gear or starting off it acts as if in neutral until you let off gas for a few seconds then it engages it occurs if you hit a bump or sometimes when turning a corner
Works normal when cold but after 10 miles or so problem occurs. Engine temp normal high does not overheat.

This problem occurred after outside air temp went to 110f or higher. Do not know if that has any bearing at all.
It had a check engine light on them one day it start hesitating while driving like it wasn't getting fuel or fuel problem then all my dash lights and gauges quit working period I had bought a ecu from a junk yard don't know if it's good or bad but plugged it in nothing changed
Acceleration is good when engine is cold but after approx 10 mile run in the heat 110 F or more acceleration becomes very weak. Engine temp is good. Car runs good once it get to 20mph or so
you can move them side to side
Changed column but it wont start why
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