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I tried to get an emissions test the machine could not read because the port was not working my cigarette lighter does not work and when I replace the fuse it pops every time what could it be are they connected directly to each other

wondering what the I means

Hi, how do I resolve an error code B3857 in a 2004 Buick Rendezvous (3.6L engine)? Thanks!

When in a roll over crash will any of the airbags depoly

Wipers (all) wont work have tried all the above what else can I do?

Now the car don't move or go into park I also have to apply the emergency brake

Or move into park,reverse,or drive?

electric fans are working about 15 minutes of running it starts overheating it will put a thermostat in if that's what it is how long does it take to put a thermostat in a Buick Rendezvous 2004 my husband is a Certified mechanic but some people keep saying it's going to be a long time some people say it won't be long at all he's never done one on this kind of vehicle so I'm kind of wondering if maybe you could help me out with a little suggestion tell me do you think that's what it is well appreciated my name is Christie thank you so much I'll be waiting for an answeranswer...

Someone try to hot wire my car and four wires aren't connect underneath steering wheel ,I guess my steering calm ... What part would I need to get to repair it and maybe a estimate

My truck stopped on me and my lights in side my truck does not comes on but the head lights does. When I turny key to try and crank it no sound

small fuse was blown, changed it compressor kicks in for a few seconds then fuse blows again. this problem just started.air has been cold and compressor has been running. what else can I do to check it

the engine light is on and flashes after short drive and continues to flash until vehicle is shutoff or it dies. when motor is running sounds like its misfiring and there is a motor tick present. checked coils replaced plug wires and plugs... problem is still there. since there is no power to the obd2 plug cannot hook up to code reader to find any thrown codes. motor doesnt leak anything and oil is clean. used screwdriver on heads and parts of motor to listen for any abnormalities in motor and heard nothing. help!!! at a loss here for trouble shooting.

over heating

First thing in the morning after turning it on and turning it off to run an arran. When i got back in the car to leave the car wouldn't start.
When I took the key out and moved the steering wheel up and down a couple of times it started. This happened twice and both times the car started back up after a couple of tries.

This problem just started yesterday afternoon. Then this morning it was fine. But this afternoon it started doing it s again.

Scanner indicated bad ECM and Crankshaft sensor, which were replaced. the fuel filter was also replaced, yet it wont start.

Just started yesterday and I have driven the car since
Also when you start the a funny white residue comes out but dies not appear to smoke!

In the instrument cluster, my RPM's are stuck at 7+ and I have no temperature gauge anymore either. I know I probably will need the entire cluster changed out, but I was wondering if anyone knew what I might expect as far as cost on this project. Also, how hard would it be for me to buy the part and just replace it myself?

No heat, told I need a new Bland Door at a cost of $700+. Is that a reasonable price. Car in in near perfect shape with only 77k miles. New tires, shocks, struts, rear springs and more.

HUD was working and then all of a sudden it would work sometime and disappear.

I just purchased vehicle & instrument panel is not working. (only mileage light on).I Could the fuse be blown or am I able to replace lights or is there a switch to turn ? Front & rear lights are working when switched on

When the headlights go out I can use my high beam switch on the steering wheel and get home holding that. The fog lights still work as well as the tail lights but no headlights.