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Fuse is fine. Replaced both the door lock system and controll unit for power windows. Still didn't work
any gear. When I do put in gear sounds like in park or neutral
Dash lights dimmed then went out. Car quit and could not turn the wheel or restart.
Dark smoke from tail pipe over heat quick
over heat after 3 minutes of driving, dark smoke comes out tail pipe
Dark smoke comes out tail pipe after 3 minutes over heat
motor completely rebuilt with three tank of gas and these two monitors and wouldn't r eset
Pressing unlock on key fob opens driver's door, but second and even third press does not open passenger doors. Is this a short in wiring or could it be a fuse?
rotated the engine forward , am move the necessary items in the front. Do I have to move wind guard between the windshield and hood?
For the past two days after I start my car the engine continues to rev with the rpm needle staying between the 2 and the 3. I turn the car off and try it again - the engine does the same thing. It will do this even if I put it in drive, move the car a little, and then put it back in park. Usually by the third time of turning it off and restarting it, the engine will idle fine. What could possibly be causing this and if it needs repair is it going to be expensive? Service engine soon light came on last night but did not come back on this morning.
ABS & AWD disabled lights are on. Scanned at oreilly and it read right front wheel speed sensor was bad. I want to verify this before I replace the sensor. Is there a procedure I can run through.
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