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had dye show up in hvac sercice port. do i need to change this.

it seems to smooth out when going down the road. any Ideas what this is coming from?
the code we got on it is P304

the woman that ownes it said the last owner told her the compresser had a hole in it.i was getting ready to do the dye check and noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in.any one else run in to this.

It's almost like the cruise control gets turned on. I can be driving through town and it randomly starts accelerating. I'll pull in the nearest parking lot, put it in park, which will immediately shoot the RPM's up to 3000. If I turn the car off, sometimes that helps immediately, sometimes it takes a few minutes of waiting. My speed doesn't seem to make a difference, happens a few times a month.It, obviously, makes stopping slower as well. I've taken the car in to 4 different places (and spending over a grand I couldn't afford) and nobody can find anything wrong. They can't recreate the problem, of course, and act like I'm crazy when I'm trying to explain it.

My key fob battey low light will come on when i just bought a new battery, my car will say service engin soon nd just start dinging. everything in the car will lock up. Is there a way tofix this?

it might work for weeks then it will only work on setting 5.

also, my abs and traction off lights are on. most of the time the brakes seem to operate normally, but the lights remain on. Pads are new, and the rotors look good.

I have had the wheelbearing replaced as the speed sensor keeps going and the anti lock light comes on and disables my all wheel drive. Could it be something else causing this problem? I first replaced it a year and a half ago. then 3 months ago and just one week ago and I can feel it happening again after just 150 miles. it sounds like the brakes are grinding and the pedal is hard to press down to stop.

the break in the rear is making noise the left rear knuckle bushing is worn out and noisy

How do I remove and replace the water pump?

On the way to work I put the window up and a few minutes later it would not go down. The motor sounds like it is working but the window does not move.

front left tire went flat and had to be replaced. all tires are the same size and make and all have min of 36psi.

water is linking from pump!

My Buick Rvz when put in park idols up really high as if I am pressing the gas. So I went to Advance and put it on the testor and they recommended the fuel injector sensor. Where is that located. It also will take off on it's own when I let my foot off the brake. What do you think. It's never gave me any problem besides this one time and I have 170,000 miles on it.

How do I change the coil springs on 2002 Buick Rendevous and also the master cylinder.

my car accelerates on its own once warmed up. I have to ride the brakes continously. Anyone else with this problem?

Sometimes my anti-lock brake light comes on, as well as the AWD light

test fans with snap-on scanner, both work when commanded to come on high and low speeds.

When I got the car it never sounded like this.I keep up on the changing of fluids and etc.No lights come on indicating any problems.Repair shop didnt know either.I had a freind tell me it was a stabilizer that somehow might have turned on during the winter months of driving in the snow??I have no clue.DO u?

It kept overheating and I replaced the thermastat and the pump but it still seens like I have no watet flow at all

my car accelerates on its own very often.I need to keep braking to keep it under control--a dangerous situation.

I have a 2004 Rendezvous, yesterday I was driving and started losing engine power going uphill, This morning I changed the oil which needed to be changed, I took it for a test drive and it seemed the problem had gone away, 1 hour later as I was driving it did it again, I could only do about 35 MPH going uphill, will this be an engine, transmission problem? or changing the air filter will solve it, Please Help!!!

my rear brake light remain on always , what is the course of this?

Cooling fans not turning fast enough. Should they be changed? All relays etc seem to check out OK. What is the labor time?

What is the labor time to install a front hub assembly?

the tank that holds fluid for windshield wipersleaks where small hoses "plug into" the part that feeds water into the wipers. The tank itself does not appear to leak. Can the small hoses just be replaced or does the entire tank plus hoses have to be replaced?

i have to put fluid in it twice aday in it leak out on the left front

My buick rondevu sunroof only opens 2 inches and stops. It opens fine in the vent position. What could be wrong?

None of my gauges work, including the speedometer. I was told the whole main computer would need to be replaced. Is this true and if so, about how much can I expect to pay?

We can only unlock the rear hatch with the key fob, have I done something to cause this? We normally had been able to open it when you hit the unlock on the fob. Thank you

Where would the main computer be located,

5 time asking this same question

How would I get the info if someone anwsure this