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The transmission fluid blew out in our way hm from a friends house comes to find out the plug cams out
I need to change the spring in the ignition
I have replaced the ignition and the safety neutral switch. And if you put it in park and wait for a minute or two it will shut off some times
ac is putting out cold air on passenger side hot air on driver side can you help.
Why do I get a clicking sound when I turn the ignition key to start the engine
It want adjust on airflow up and down as far as pressure blowing lights come on the control panel but doesnt work except in morning
Whats the name of the transmission in my car?
What oil do I use?
What type of fuses do I use?
And I don't have no power and the battery always dies
you can shut it off and sit for awhile and start the engine and it may go another block and come to the next stop sign and shifts to neutral.
Seat wiring harness recall possibly shorted out the rear window speakers as well as killed the battery and nav screen nav screen rest shuts off and starts over when rec CDs to hdd and now seat warmer on drive side and rear window speakers don't work. Lost something about a month ago looked under drive seat to find and while pushing the reverse seat button seen sparks since then a recall has been done. My question is will they fix the speakers and seat warmer as well as the wiring harness in the recall and should they not have the parts ready should it be considered undrivesble since the risk of fire and give me a loaner till fixed?
Power steering, brakes an the Ignatius key is hard to turn on all the time
I've changed , supercharger gasket, manifold gasket, intake manifold gasket, coil packs, fuel filter, , checked fuel pressure, changed the computer, , all O2 sensors are new, new exhaust and C, converter , also tranny. It's better but I still can't give it full throttle. It Boggs out , RPMs go up but won't go, I back off throttle to half and it goes. I've had 3 mechanics look at it and it cost me a arm n a leg cause they all go over the same things . Plz help
The diagnostic code says p2261 that the turbo charge by pass value stuck and engine light keeps coming on!
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