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Not shifting from 1st to second gear
Just replaced fuel pump car starts runs a few seconds then dies what do I check
It turns on and then randomly goes dark.
i need to dry it out and maybe figure how h2o is getting in and put it back in .
where is the drain plug for antifreeze 2001 buick regal
Was losing coolant for some time after it overheated it started ticking w some oil n water it was freezing temps the day it overheated possible frozen water in radiator
1993 Buick Regal V6 3.8L. Drove car 25 miles NO issues. Car was running fine (no dash lights, smoke or smell of burning oil). Parked car on level driveway. Went back out to car 1/2 hour later and an insane amount of engine oil leaked on ground (2-3 quarts my guess). Started car quickly to pull in garage (raining). Low oil light now illuminated on dash. Was told it may be loose oil filter (loose or 2 gaskets from last oil change). Or maybe broken/cracked oil pressure sending unit (made sense b/c these areas were plastered with oil). Replaced both parts but leaking still. However leak seems minimal now. Certainly not pouring out quarts at a time. Appears to be coming from upper passenger side of engine. Looks like leak could be originating from behind power steering pump, tensioner, water pump area? Could it be the upper manifold gasket? Or one of those plastic elbow hose connectors? Oil and coolant are NOT mixing together. I drained both systems just to be sure. I am certainly not a professional mechanic. Just a DYI guy trying my like heck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
When car overheats seems I have no water flow through heater or radiator.
The rpm goes up but car won't move. When I turn it off n restart then it will go but shifts gears slowly
Needs to be replaced but not sure where to look. In the fuel tank?
Replaced fuse,ballast,bulb
all the way back plus my low coolant light was staying on but now its blinking on and off
I've had car for a month. It worked great then all of the sudden it quit. The radio still plays quietly. None of the radio controls work on the steering wheel or the dash. The screen is black. It did come on once but the controls didn't work now nothing.
my car sounded like a lawn mower then the two spark plugs blew out of motor what would cause this
The transmission fluid blew out in our way hm from a friends house comes to find out the plug cams out
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