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2002 Buick regal car just cuts off randomly and then it won't start back. I changed the spark plugs and wires, crank shaft sensor, harness to the crankshaft sensor, fuel filter, air filter, and got a new battery. Timing belt is good, alt is good, and the fuel pump was changed last year and just checked. The car is getting gas. What else could it be??? Is there a kill switch on this car? Please help me.
I have a 2002 Buick regal and recently I was driving and my car just cut off. I took it to the shop and they replaced my crankshaft sensor. It drove fine for a week and cut off again. Took it back and everything has been replaced to figure out the problem. Changed spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, air filter,battery, crank shaft wire hornest. My starter, timing belt, and alt are all good.My car will start fine until it cuts off and then its hard to start back up. The car sounds like it wants to turn over. No one can figure out this problem. Is there a Kill switch in this car?? What could this problem be please someone help me. Its been 1 month of trying to figure it out and replacing things and keeping the same problem. Could it be a bad connection somewhere, blown fuse? Oh and my fuel line was checked and the car is getting gas, the fuel pump was just replaced last year. Please someone help me
does not accelerate to pick up speed or going uphill
Where is the airflow sensor on a 90 Buick regal 3.1
Cranks up good idles fine but shuts off when you try to give it gas
My car cranks and runs fine until you give it gas then it shuts off
I replaced the bulb, i replaced the fuses . All the other lights in the assembly work. I bought a Relay(not label for driver's headlight). I am lost.
Antilock,Trac,Service Veh. Lights On.
Do you have to take the motor mounts loose
It has battery power,lights it just acts like it's not getting any spark,it has gas in it.
rolling down the road, engine will shut off,,start right up,, misses when power is applied. idles fine, but will shut down after a minute, not overheating.
What does diognostic code p0010
I turn the key for over hour and then it will start but when I try starting it i hear the clicking under glovebox..What could it be. Once i shut car off it does this no starting again. Why is this happening i need to get car figured out.
I noticed headlights are really low barely on just started this issue..
Is there an external button to release truck latch
Why transmission wont shift on my 1998 buick regal
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