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Is this expensive to repair? When I am driving in a straight line, it is ok. It hasn't effected mileage. Every time I try to make a sharp turn, it seems the wheels jerk. Is this going to be an expensive repair? Another issue is the rear air shocks loose air. When car is running, it seems like rear end goes up again. I never hear the load levelers working anymore. Thanks for your help. I'm a 74 year old female widow and need some advice. Thank you for your help.
Sometimes rear air suspension goes down overnight and will fill back up when vehicle is started. Compressor and air bags work properly and can find no leaks.
When I step on the gas, there is a high pitched sound that comes out of the speaker. Sometimes it is a loud buzzing noise and if I turn off the radio then it is quieter. It doesn't happen all the time.
on occasion my 2004 ranier rear end sags to the ground.......usually the air compressor will blow up the suspension bags when ignition switch is turned on, and it will be fine for 2-3 days, then will happen again. I do not believe the air bags are leaking, since they stay inflated for days after the problem, and the air compressor is functioning as well. Is there a valve between the air compressor and air bags that coule be malfunctioning? as expensive as repairs are for this, I want to fix the right thing/ please advise.
you can hear very low but can't turn it at full volume it is not any louder then all the way down.
My AC won't work in the front. The rear will work, front will if you are driving on the highway. The blower motor has been replaced still won't blow out the front unless moving. What do I do now? Rear air suspension goes down especially on the drivers side (when cold, rainy or sitting) sometimes it will stay up and others it won't air back up. Usually have to sit and let it run before driving so that it will air up. If there is weight in the back it tends to not air up or if it does it takes a while longer. How do I fix this?
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